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  • Deputies: 1 killed, 2 injured in Pine Hills shooting

    Monday Feb 16 | via WESH-TV 

    Deputies said someone in another car fired more than 12 gunshots into the victims' vehicle at the intersection of Powers and Ambassador drives in Pine Hills on Sunday afternoon. A second victim was treated for non-life-threatening bullet wounds, and the driver of the car suffered minor injuries when he was hit by shrapnel, according to investigators.


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  • Police: UCF student robbed on campus

    Jan 28, 2015 | via WESH-TV 

    Police said she was near parking lots B12 and B13, which are located near the UCF Water Tower and across from the Libra garage, when the robbers approached her. It is unclear how many robbers were present, but police said they were wearing hoodies and implied that they had a weapon.


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Temple Terrace Law

I was arrested for DUI, received a deferred prosecution and pled to reckless driving. Adjudication was withheld. My driving record still shows the DUI not Reckless Driving. Is this the usual procedure?
A review of the DHSMV transcript would give me the answer. What you might be seeing is the administrative suspension...
I have to register and take the level1 DUI class, I am unclear as to if I will be drug tested. I am understand that they will do the breath tube test.
You will get an evaluation done and if required, you will need to attend and complete counseling if found to have a...
My blood alcohol level was .318, and the judge put me on sheriffs supervision as part of pre trial release.
If you are currently on pre-trial release, then you absolutely could be facing more jail time. Contact a good DUI...
I was stopped for no reason while driving home. The officer told me I was speeding when I wasn't " there is no proof" They took me to jail charge with a DUI and refusal to summit to testing. I hired an attorney that I am not happy with. Looking for some suggestions and the right attorney for my case.
1) talk to your current attorney- express your concerns, see if you can get on the same page. Often I find that...
Do i need to complete this ASAP class to attain a license in Florida? Also, while living in CA somehow my 'license' became suspended but I have never had a license in any state? What do I need to do to get an actual license here in FL
The best way to find out is to contact the Florida DMV. They should be able to tell you. If you need a lawyer, then...
I got charged with a Super DUI in Michigan when I was living there. I now have moved to Florida. I am 2 month into my suspension with 10 more months to go. Will I have to apply for a hardship license in Michigan or in Florida ? After what time can I apply ? Is it possible for me to apply for a hardhip license while being in Florida? Thank you for your help
Florida will not issue you a hardship license until you have satisfied all your court and state requirements in...
I was at the club one day and I'm only a social drinker. Had two drinks that night and my friend told me to go to someone's house and they offer me to smoke something and didn't tell me what it was. So after wards I get this instant rush of a wierd feeling and he doesn't really tell me what it was. I freak out and drive away and I start hallucinating like crazy and I dial 911. I tell them that I think I'm high and I need help bc someone gave me something. They come and help me and I wake up in the hospital and was given a crash report that I hit a car. Is it possible that il get a dui for that? This was like a week ago. I'm freaked out bc I don't do drugs at all and my doctor told me my blood work for alcohol was low. So I know I wasn't drunk. need some advice.
Yes you can be charged and it is likely you will be charged based on what you have stated. You need to consult with a...