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  • US: Postal worker says she stole out of boredom

    Monday Dec 8 | via KFVS12 

    While Britain's Prince William met with President Barack Obama at the Oval Office on Monday, his wife, Kate, toured a child development center with New York City's first lady, Chirlane McCray. Britain's Prince William sat down with President Barack Obama in Washington on Monday and unveiled an effort to curtail illegal wildlife trading while his wife, Kate, made an impression of a down-to-earth duchess on... An Oregon hospital says last week's death of a patient who was given the wrong medication occurred because of the error of a hospital pharmacy worker who inadvertently filled an IV bag with the wrong drug.


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Fines involved a dwi
Unfortunately I don't have enough information to answer this question properly. What were the fines for? How do you...
Heidi's Law negated legislative law in place at the time of these plea's. Convictions cleared due to time limitations are now permanently displayed on secretary of state motor vehicle records.
I'm not sure exactly what you are asking. Sentencing guidelines only come into play if you are convicted of a felony.
The license was lost 10 years ago. I paid all the fines and did all the required counseling. When I went to court they told me it hasn't been long enough. What more do I need to do? Is the only waytoget it back hiring a lawyer?
You need to contact a lawyer that regularly handles driver's license appeals and restorations so you can review your...
I ran into this man this morning 10/11/2013 because I was dutching another person. I hit this white car and I didn't realised it till I get to my destination. I don't know the accurate description of the car I hit. I know I hit him because I had a dinged. I don't even know the damage I put in his car. Am scared and confused. What do I do?
I am a CA attorney and former prosecutor very familiar with this situation but unable to represent you in MI where I am...
I was arrested for driving under the influence of prescription medicine my blood was taken. I call the court every two weeks. I am not out on bond they confiscated but didn't destroy my license. How long do they have to make a decision?
This is relatively common. All blood evidence goes through the Michigan State Police Crime Lab in lansing. They are...
More information is needed in order to determine the correct state of your record. You should contact an experienced...
Previously dropped dui now appears on sos record.This has directly affected job oppurtunities & made it impossible to get satisfactory employment.
The issue is not with Heidi's law, but rather with the Secretary of State and MSP who maintains the data base for your...