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I got pulled over and gave a less safe dui and 86 in 70 ticket and I was took to jail so what can I be excepting out of all of this. This is the first time I have ever seen to jail and I haven't ever been in trouble with the law
Call me for a free consultation and to discuss your case at 404-985-9772. DUI less safe is charged when either (a)...
My boyfriend had bought alcohol (he is 21) and my ex (19) and my best friend (17) was with us. I'm only 17. My boyfriend ended up getting plastered and having sex with my best friend and got mad at me because i wouldn't have a 3 some with them. He ended up beating me. On the police report it says that i through the first punch and i started the fight when it DID NOT happen that way. He was chocking, punching and slapping me around. Is there anyway i can get this dropped? I only had one drink. Got charged with Underage Drinking and Disorderly Conduct. Also the cops didn't read any of us OUR RIGHTS or BREATHALYZE us
Consult and hire an experienced lawyer. He or she should be able to help get the case dismissed.
The Court have cancel my court date four time and counting? I am in my second year of college, and I am just wondering this. If I have a test and I ask for a different date will the Court honor my request? This citation is about 15 month old?
The court may honor your request for a continuance, they may not. However, based upon the fact the case has been...
walking back from the a frat party alone at 1am, i am a minor and i was drunk, but can they arrest me for that
Can they arrest you for that? SURE, and it appears that they DID arrest you for that. "Drunk in Public" or some form...
He was also given 20 hours of CS and ordered to go to DUI school and find out about getting his license back. He has now violated his probation by not doing his CS nor DUI and seeing about getting his license back. He was also arrested for simple battery several months ago and was told only today that he was in violation of probation. Will he serve any time required in jail or prison?
Your son needs a lawyer. It would be best to have one before the violation hearing. Jail time is certainly possible...
Marijuana charges when he was 18, he's now 39 Dishonorably discharged from USAF 8 years ago for lieing about no previous record...twice! Many years, and Next charge later , we have an October 2013 Dui charge In July 2014 he violates probation by failing drug screen (cannibis ) and served 24 hr w /bi-weekly drug screenings Here we are mid october 2014 , picked up for shoplifting (2nd violation) How does this pan out for the poor guy in the end? Sincerely, Moving ON
Depending on how much time he has left on probation will determine his exposure to jail time on a violation of...
I was dropped off by a designted driver I can't find the taxy company that drooped me off,But I have witness that heard and saw i was dropped off !
You can listen to your lawyer's advice.