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My boyfriend had bought alcohol (he is 21) and my ex (19) and my best friend (17) was with us. I'm only 17. My boyfriend ended up getting plastered and having sex with my best friend and got mad at me because i wouldn't have a 3 some with them. He ended up beating me. On the police report it says that i through the first punch and i started the fight when it DID NOT happen that way. He was chocking, punching and slapping me around. Is there anyway i can get this dropped? I only had one drink. Got charged with Underage Drinking and Disorderly Conduct. Also the cops didn't read any of us OUR RIGHTS or BREATHALYZE us
Consult and hire an experienced lawyer. He or she should be able to help get the case dismissed.
I got pulled over and gave a less safe dui and 86 in 70 ticket and I was took to jail so what can I be excepting out of all of this. This is the first time I have ever seen to jail and I haven't ever been in trouble with the law
Call me for a free consultation and to discuss your case at 404-985-9772. DUI less safe is charged when either (a)...
I am a 60 year old woman who needs to have my license reinstated but can not afford the expense. I live with my daughter who is a single parent of 2 children. She works everyday and has a lot of running around her own self with her children and errands she has to do. After my 2nd DUI 08/18/2011 I completed the Risk Reduction Class... Did the clinical treatment class... Did my court ordered time for community service...and do not have any other traffic violations. I have waited over 4 years to try and reinstate my license just to find out I have to do all of this again. How can I get these expenses wavered?
It may not be possible. Otherwise, as I'm sure you'll understand, there would be no cost to DUI and folks would...
One was on Federal property and a wreck was involved. There was never any evidence that said I had been drinking but I was convicted anyway I hadn't been drinking but I am tired of trying to convence people to that fact; the cause of the accident was deer. The second in 2010 was on a moped- not on a major road- in which case I was drunk. This DUI charge in 2015 was Dui less safe alcohol and dui less safe marjuana in which I had not smoked despite the charge. What am I to do? Both DUI charges in 2010 were reduced to reckless driving. This charge of DUI in 2015 is still pending.
Prior CHARGES of DUI are not admissible unless you were convicted.
I got 2 dui conviction in 3 years. This year I was arrested for driving with suspended license.
Depends on the court. Could be a substantial amount of jail time or just a large fine and probation. This is something...
My Dad was charged with DUI. There were no witnesses, and not even the cop saw what happened. My Dad was off the road, his scooter fell into a ditch, and he was trying to lift it out . A cop pulled up and did not see anything that happened. My Dad told the cop he was riding the bike and crashed into the ditch, and had a little to drink. Then the cop gave him a breath test and he failed. Is there any way to get my Dad's testimony thrown out, since it may not have been credible due to diminished capacity from alcohol consumption? The cop did not even see him riding, there is no other evidence except for my Dad's drunken testimony.
Based on the facts you provided, i think there is circumstantial evidence that your dad was driving the scooter,...
I was pulled over in November. The officer said he smelled alcohol and asked for a field sobriety test but I refused. He then placed me under aresst ? I was charged with dui and failure to maintain lane. What are my chances or options?
Hire a lawyer immediately. The fact that you refused, while good in that you did not provide evidence that could be...