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He doesn't intend to drive her car but in order to get his life back on track and get his license again one day, he is required to install an interlock on his car for one year. Can he have it installed on my daughter's car even though his name is not on the title or the registration? Any advice would be appreciated.
The requirement can be waived if he does not own or drive a car - but it cannot be waived until after his probationary...
I was at fault in an auto accident on Jan 11th. I was taken to the hospital and released with a dui citation for refusal of blood test. Charges finally posted to the clerks office website on April 7th with a arraignment date of April 23rd. Is this a violation of my speedy trial right since my 90 day period will expire April 11th? Is a dismissal highly possible with charges of dui with property damage?
You really need to consult with a local criminal defense attorney. But the time period for a speedy trial should start...
i received a DUI and was wodnering if they have a diversion program. i heard ther is such a thing as doing probation and then they dismiss yor case
If you plea or are found guilty of a DUI you are not eligible to participate in diversion. You should retain an...
I am from CA, went to school in FL. I graduated school last year and started working on a temporary contract in FL. I did not send back my CA DL b/c of that, but I did not intend on returning to CA b/c I was waiting for my full time offer. I have gotten that offer now. My court case was March, completed the FL DUI education program and am now in treatment and finishing community service. I went to the B of Admin Rvw and they told me that my name is on the NDRA and I have to my name off. I called the CA DMV and was told me that they'll send me an affidavit, I send them a fee, and I file my SR 22 in FL and do not apply for a CA DL for 3 years. I talked to a lady and she said I couldnt drive for 6mnths or I had to come back and complete all ed. rqmts. How do I handle this ?
You are stuck in beaurocratic hell. I cannot advise you on matter relative to CA law or procedure and you may very...
I had my DUI trial today and was served with the minimum sentence. Nonetheless, I am hoping to bring the charge down to a reckless driving offense, but am worried that my current lawyer will not be able to hold up to this standard. I am looking into other options for attorneys... any advice would be welcomed, thank you. -Amanda
I'm sorry but you already had your trial (a judge or jury came back with a verdict) and were sentenced then your case...
Drank 1 (ONE) 12 oz beer several hours (3+) before leaving bar, no drugs. Regular at bar with several witnesses to no drinking. On federal property. Had prior DUI but sober at time as i was due to start new job next morning. Was seriously injured in accident that was other's fault, with long hospitalization. Military police processed charge under leadership of person who had it out for me for rejecting him. Other person died from complications from surgery months after accident. my hospital records (learned after returning from prison) had NO substances present. Had public defender and I did not know about discovery, was scared and young w/ no real ability to participate in my defense. Want my name cleared and my rights restored. DUI in Virginia on federal property, now live in Fl
You need to speak to an attorney who is licensed to practice before the federal courts of Virginia and/or the military...
I was charged with two separate DUI's 8 and 9 years ago. They were both in separate States other than Florida. I refused to submit to the breath test on both. My license was out of Florida, and it shows up in the dmv, therefore they would not renew. I never went to court on either one. The dmv overlooks the one state every time I have tried to renew due to significant errors in the database. Not sure what those errors are, but I figure is more than a name typo for them to overlook and dismiss. The other state then pops up and there are also errors there, but not as significant and I've had them hesitate and involve supervisors on 3 different occasions, but they do not dismiss the second one. I'm hoping with the help of an experienced attorney I can resolve this. Is this a possibility?
Try Avvo's "Find a Lawyer" tool. Good luck.