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in the state of Florida if a person gets into an accident and is ejected 30 feet or more out of his or her car does he or she get a DUI?
If the police had probable cause to believe he or she was impaired, then it is possible. I think your question is: if...
I am here in FL caring for my terminal grandmother. I am licensed in VA. VA DMV requested a letter from my grandmother's doctor stating I am her caregiver and have allowed my to retain my license. I was charged and convicted of a DUI that carries a 1-year revocation of my license. Checking VA DMV website, they still have me licensed and it is active. Even though my sentence carries a revocation, am I still allowed to drive in FL with an active license or does the sentence supersede my active license and if I get pulled over can I go to jail or other receive other consequences?
You are not allowed to drive in Florida despite your valid license on another State. Although you have no license here...
I was a teenager at the time (over 17). I'm now applying for licensing as a CPA in Texas. The CPA board has a "moral character" clause and I'm worried I may not be able to get a license because of this. It was a misdemeanor charge. Will it show up when they do the FBI background check and fingerprinting, and if it will is there anything I can do to have the record expunged or sealed?
DUI convictions stay on your record for 75 years. Also, a conviction for any criminal offense (including DUI) would...
OK, so my license was suspended by the DMV a year ago for failing to submit to a breath test. I've since won my case in court and all charges were dismissed. I'm ready to get my license back (it's been almost 12 months). Since I was found not guilty, can I go to the DMV once my year is up to get my license without enrollment or completion in a DUI school? Is it as simple as walking in and paying the fees associated with this suspension? Or is there a catch, even if I was found not guilty?
It depends. You can be found not guilty in court and still suffer an administrative suspension. This is because...
With technology today so much is possible. I am having a hard time proving that my video material has been manipulated and the facts changed. This has become very expensive all because of the law, that a video can be submitted with out a timer or an embedded timer on it. If there was a timer on the video displayed and embedded I would not have this problem.
You aren't going to prevail based upon a lack of a timer. Please hire an aggressive criminal defense attorney ASAP.
I received a DUI in Florida over six years ago and was sentenced to five years without a license, vehicle impoundment for 30 day, DUI school and an ignition interlock for 12 months. I have since relocated to the other side of the country and wanted to know since I have waited the five years, am I still required to do the impoundment (even though it's out of state and has nothing to do with Florida), DUI school (which in my state it doesn't exist) and an ignition interlock?
The DUI level 1 or 2 class is mandatory upon a DUI conviction in Florida. If you failed to do this class, you may very...
What is a "mirror of dui video?" What exactly are you looking for? Moving this to the DUI section.