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  • Copper suspects caught in vacant...

    Thursday Sep 18 | via Times News 

    While the men were soaking wet, with water spurting out on the basement floor, and numerous copper pipes stacked on that floor, one of the suspects, Mark K. Scheitrum told police, "They were only looking around. An alert resident of the neighborhood heard unexplained noises around 4:19 a.m. and called police to report a possible break-in. 3 comments

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  • Tamaqua man charged with molesting girls

    Wednesday Sep 17 | via Times News 

    A Tamaqua man was placed under house arrest after being charged with molesting two juvenile girls. The suspected abuse was reported to Tamaqua police on Saturday. 4 comments

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  • Calling all nosy neighbors

    Saturday Sep 6 | via Times News 

    Or, do you suffer from insomnia and long for something productive to do while everyone else in your household is sleeping? Have you grown weary and perhaps even broke from watching too many late-night infomercials and feel the need to redirect your energy to something more exciting and less expensive? If any of these scenarios apply to you, then I would like to offer a unique opportunity for you to put your super sleuth skills and bustling brain cells to good use. I think we are all tired of and angry from reading story after story of meth labs, break-ins and vandalism in our communities and instead of things getting any better, they are most assuredly becoming worse.


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  • Acid vandals hit again

    Tuesday Sep 2 | via Times News 

    One month after an acid-tossing spree in Tamaqua, vandals have struck again, damaging parked cars in the North Ward section of the community.


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Tamaqua Law

Was stopped on 09/29/11 due to expired registration plates. My license had been suspended in 2008 due to DUI offense, and had completed outpatient treatment, paid the correct fines and was currently waiting to have our D.O.T to advise where to have Interlock ignition placed. During the traffic stop, car was parked at shopping center parking lot, was moved onto main highway where officer was waiting for vehicle to be moved and stopped .5 miles up the street. I was mailed summons of 75 pa 1543(b), 75 pa 1786(f) and 75 pa 1301 (a); and was advised by court to set payment plan in motion. however, contacted today to be advised that 1543(b) carries mandatory jail time and fines, and to plea 'not guilty' and hire public defender by the magistrate's office.
You are looking at a mandatory 60-90 days jail sentence if convicted. The law states that once suspended for DUI, then...
Probably cannot afford ARD and I don't think I can afford the court costs. Do I just use this man as far as his services will go and go the rest of the way alone?
You've informed us that you have hired counsel, so that means that the lawyer you have engaged must be your sole source...
in 2005 I was pulled over for a DUI. I appeared at the court hearing but left before the judge was able to see me. there was a capias ordered for me to appear at the hearing. since I did not show up at the hearing and I haven't shown up since then. Is there a statute of limitations on how much time they have to come pick me up on this?
You have posted your answer on the criminal law site for PA lawyers to respond. Change the location of your question...
DUI Waiver of Arraignment signed. CRN scheduled. How do I know when I lose my lisence. Are you notified if so how?
If you Arraignment is Waived, you are represented by an attorney. It is unethical for us to render an opinion to a...
I have NO prior offenses in ANY area, and NO accidents or claims in over 20 yrs.
It depends upon the language of the question(s). If you are asked about convictions you an truthfully respond no...
his p.o put him in jail he is waiting on his first gag 1 she told him to be very honest with him and that he was what r his chances of being put back on house arrest
This is a matter that you should discuss with your boyfriend's attorney. Fully informed of all of the relevant factors...
Ok I got my DUI 10 months ago and my insurance company still haven't found out about my DUI. I was just wondering if I add a vehicle to my insurance do you think they would look into my record? I heard they only look into it if you change your liability or when they renew?
You run a risk if you do not report something like that to your insurer. If you tell them, true, they may raise your...