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and i pissed in a cup. the doctor said my pee was over the limit. a friend came to the hospital they released me. I never got a ticket, or anything from the police. went back and got my car and went home. So am i out of the woods?
Hard to say. Probably yes, but there is an outside chance someone might have made a police report on it, in which case...
I'm 20, and plead down to a reduced Underage DUI charge. This does not appear on my criminal record, but traffic record, right? What's the difference? Also, could I ever have this sealed or expunged? When?
You cannot get a DUI or any other traffic record expunged in Ohio though this is possible in several other states....
I am 20 years old and I was pulled over recently for a broken tail light by a small police department. I was drinking, so I was given a field sobriety test, which I thought I did fine on, then I was arrested. What I was charged with was an OVI and Possession of Alcohol by a minor. I was polite with the officers, and took the breathalyzer test. I blew a .107. What are the chances of this being reduced if I get a lawyer? I also have no prior record. After research, I found out about the six month suspension and the 400 dollar fine from the courts, plus the 475 dollar reinstatement fee from the BMV. That's a lot of cash. What are the chances of the OVI being reduced? Also, what about the possession charge and the ALS suspension. Thanks in advance!
Get ready to pay even more than that! I've attached a link that estimates that the average cost of a DUI is $10,000.
As an underage person, at 20 years old, I was arrested and charged with an OVI when I blew a .106. After courts, the possession of alcohol as a minor was dropped, and the adult DUI was reduced to a juvenile DUI with a lesser fine and a lesser time of suspended liscense (3 months.) along with DIP program. My question is what now? I know it can never be expunged or sealed (unless I leave Ohio.) and the case is closed. I'm just wondering how my insurance will see this, and even with a lawyer why I could not get it reduced further taking into account all the things that happened. (Polite to police, first offense, college kid, clean driving record, not that far over.) should I still fight this? Does it sound fair?
Some courts do not reduce charges and others only reduce cases at certain points. For example one of the courts i...
Hello, my neighbor is facing his third drinking and driving related charge. His first was 5 years ago and was reduced to physical control. 2 years ago he received his first OVI conviction and they dropped the high BAC charge (blew .25). He's in court again with a high BAC (.206). I really want to let the judge know that my neighbor has a problem and he will not change unless he does some jail time and doesn't get off easy this time. Would the judge actually read my letter? Thank you!
Can you write the letter? Yes. The Judge will need to give a copy of it to the defendant's lawyer. Assume that both...
Will it be on my record forever?
An underage DUI, while treated a bit differently than an over 21 OVI, is still quite serious. An underage DUI is a...
i am curious to know what the statue of limitations on DUI in Ohio, if there is one ?
A misdemeanor ovi charge must be filed within 18 months of the date of the offense. Lisa Wells ALWAYS contact an...