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My case is currently pending but I am starting law school in the fall, and am now wondering if I will even be able to practice if I get a conviction. 2nd DUI where I fell on my motorcycle and it got scratched up so they are charging as damage to property.
You need to hire a bar admissions attorney and update your law school on your arrest. You'll need to show evidence of...
I am on misdemeanor probation for a DUI. I am on mail in probation. My arrest was in Lake city, FL and I live in Tallahassee, FL. I received a affidavit for V.O.P. Will they come to my house and serve it and what do I do?
What you do is you contact a criminal defense attorney in Lake City to help you handle this case. Your attorney can...
I have a stable job and I refused to blow. What are my punishments? The officer arrested me and gave me a DUI. I don't want to lose this job so what should I do?
The only sane advice we can give you is to hire an attorney ASAP. A DUI, if it is your first one, is a misdemeanor. You'...
Someone I know was arrested for felony DUI/vehicular manslaughter, reckless driving, speeding and another charge I can't remember, up in Georgia. He posted a property bond and was released. The grand jury is meeting in May to review the case/charges. There is now a DUI charge pending in Florida, warrant to be issued soon. Can the Florida charge effect the GA charge and can his GA bond be revoked and he end up in jail in Georgia?
If the person has a bail condition that prohibits committing new crimes and the DUI occurred after the bail was granted,...
Had a sleeping in the car DUI (parking lot) and eventually took a plea deal. No requirement for the hiked insurance maximums, but I am anticipating a rate hike next time my policy is reviewed. I will have to get the Interlock Ignition Device for at least 6 months. This isn't my first rodeo, but it is the last time I am going to drink--period. I am taking Antabuse and with the IDD is there any procedure that you experienced professionals have seen whereby a policy holder can prevent outrageous rate hikes using his medical (the antabuse) and electronic (the IDD) sobriety tools as proof?
There is nothing legally that can be done to control your insurance rates based on a DUI. Insurance companies are...
i have been on probation for over a year, i have completed all required schools and license reinstatements. i have not been able to keep up with probation payments due to loosing my job. i live in florida and this is in georgia. i have to go to court because of this even though my po will not work out a payment arrangement with me. any advise would be appreciated!
I would seek the advice of an attorney who is a member of the Georgia bar
I received a citation for "DUI Drugs Less Safe." I was allowed to keep my license and no Form 1205 was issued. There was no alcohol in my system and the citation obviously preceded any findings from the blood test and urinalysis.
If your case happened in Georgia you need to ask your question there. Attorneys are licensed by states. Ask it in the...