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Is the Kehoe test a good defense for a DUI case ?
A friend of mine was charged with suspicion of DUI because of an illegal turn, however it turns out t his attorney was able to get a video footage of a nearby building, and it clearly show that my friend didn't not make an illegal turn. I have been reading on the internet about a KEHOE TEST, and that the burden is on the state to prove that the stop was legitimate . Can his lawyer use the KEHOE test to get any evidence suppressed. I reckon any evidence obtained thereafter would be illegal because the 4th amendment right was violated ,and a judge should make the state prove their case by doing the KEHOE TEST ? Can the prosecutor decide to drop the case at the pre trial conference, if it is determined that the officer lied, and the Kehoe test will prove that the stop was illegal ?
Though I'm not convinced the Kehoe case is the most persuasive authority, your analysis is correct. If your friend did...
How big is the difference between just a DUI arrest on record and a DUI conviction when it comes to the Florida Bar?
I have a previous DUI Arrest that was brought down to a reckless. Now I am in pre-trial for a second DUI arrest that my attorney was able to get a plea bargain of DUI 1 with the minimums. Would there make a huge difference to the bar if I took the plea and get convicted or should I risk a trial and a higher punishment with possible jail time. The trial can go either way according to my attorney?
You have an attorney, ask him. You might also want to contact an attorney who regularly represents people before the...
Arrested at 17 for DUI, will be 18 by the time of conviction. Will this be on my adult of Juvenile record?
I was arrested at the age of 17, I am now 18 and still going through the court process. The arrest took place 5 months before my 18th birthday. I was arrested for a DUI after crashing into a tree while rounding a corner. I have retained a lawyer and am hoping for a wet reckless driving plea as I did not blow or submit to field sobriety tests. I am wondering if the conviction would show up on my adult criminal records or be sealed because I was a juvenile at the time of the arrest. Also, what are the typical probation consequences for a wet reckless in Florida? and how long would said probation last? Thanks
If you have retained an attorney, ask him this question. That is why you hired him. If he does not know the answer to...
I want to get a Health and Life insurance license in Florida and I have 2 DUI last one 5 years ago, it is that an impediment?
The other one was in 2000
It shouldn't be, but check on the website for the licensing authority.
I am facing a DUI. The probable cause affidavit is not 100% accurate. Could that be grounds for dismissal???
I was in a very minor traffic accident with do damage to anything. I was waiting on friends to come help me as I was stuck a Sheriff Officer pulled up before they could get there to help. Long story short I ended up in jail for DUI. The only thing is, upon reading the probable cause affidavit, I see that the address stated as to where this officer made contact with me is wrong. Plus some of the other details are not accurate either. I have witnesses to where I was located that night and was wondering if it would be possible to have this charge dropped based on the issues with the affidavit?
Probably not, but there may be something a DUI attorney could work with to help you win your case or make the situation...
Out of state
I live out of state but got a DUI in IL. Does the FL SOS suspend my license when they find out? Do I have to follow FL or IL procedures? I'll hire an attorney, but I don't know in which state.
You must get an attorney in IL. If that state suspends your license, FL will recognize it.
2nd DUI (within 5yrs). Can I still be accepted into the FL Bar?
My case is currently pending but I am starting law school in the fall, and am now wondering if I will even be able to practice if I get a conviction. 2nd DUI where I fell on my motorcycle and it got scratched up so they are charging as damage to property.
You need to hire a bar admissions attorney and update your law school on your arrest. You'll need to show evidence of...