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  • Valley Duo Accused of Insurance Fraud

    Thursday Jan 29 | via San Fernando Business Journal 

    Two Valley residents suspected of leading an insurance fraud ring were arrested Thursday along with 13 others for allegedly staging auto collisions and filing for half a million dollars in bogus claims. Edwin Bautista, 41, of Sylmar, and Luis Bautista, 32, of Pacoima, were accused of filing nearly 18 fraudulent auto insurance claims within the past two years, with the help of 27 accomplices.


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  • Man Charged in the Murder of Tattoo Artist Trigz

    Wednesday Jan 28 | via LA Weekly 

    A 31-year-old suspect from Sylmar has been arrested and charged in connection with the murder of the famed tattoo, graffiti and piercing artist known as Trigz, police said today. Detectives from the Los Angeles Police Department today said Robert Falcon was charged yesterday with suspicion of murder.


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  • Teen arrested in connection with fatal stabbing in S...

    Friday Jan 16 | via LA Daily News 

    SYLMAR >> A 17-year-old boy was arrested on suspicion of murder in connection with the killing of an 18-year-old man found stabbed to death inside the Sylmar townhouse he shared with his mother and siblings, police said Friday. The stabbing in the 14000 block of Astoria Street was discovered about 9 a.m. Thursday by police after the 17-year-old, a friend of the victim, called police to say “something bad” had happened to his friend, LAPD Lt.


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  • Teen arrested in fatal Sylmar stabbing, 2nd suspect ...

    Friday Jan 16 | via Los Angeles Times 

    A 17-year-old boy has been arrested on suspicion of murder after he called police early Thursday about a fatal stabbing in a Sylmar town home, authorities said. The teen contacted police shortly before 9 a.m., telling them "something bad" had happened at the town home in the 14000 block of Astoria Street, said Lt.


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  • In San Fernando Valley shooting spree that left 4 de...

    Wednesday Jan 14 | via LA Daily News 

    A man who allegedly went on a shooting spree that left four people dead in the San Fernando Valley pleaded not guilty today to murder and other charges. Alexander Hernandez, 34, of Sylmar, is charged with four counts of murder for the Aug. 21 killing of Gilardo Morales and the Aug. 24 killings of Gloria Tovar, Michael Planells and Mariana Franco.


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  • Man suspected in Valley shooting rampage pleads not ...

    Wednesday Jan 14 | via Los Angeles Times 

    Loved ones grieve after a woman was shot and killed in Pacoima, one of three victims in three separate shootings in the San Fernando Valley on Aug. 24. Loved ones grieve after a woman was shot and killed in Pacoima, one of three victims in three separate shootings in the San Fernando Valley on Aug. 24. Members of Guardian Angel Parish in Pacoima gather in prayer at the site where a fellow church member, a woman, was shot and killed on Filmore Street in Pacoima. Members of Guardian Angel Parish in Pacoima gather in prayer at the site where a fellow church member, a woman, was shot and killed on Filmore Street in Pacoima.


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Sylmar Law

As said, been 6 months in on my 3 year formal probation LA County. Never missed payment, never missed appointments. In full compliance with all requirements. My mom lives in AZ so put in for travel pass to visit her for xmas and it got denied but no one will tell me why. Before all this legal chaos I used to visit her every 2 months. Havent seen her since September of 2013... killing me. Had big hopes and didn't even consider would be denied travel pass to go see her for xmas... only asked for a 4day pass (1 day bus ride there 2 day visit and 1 day bus ride home). I'm eerked that probation officer won't even tell me why was denied. Do I have further options/appeal option? How and to who? Thanks in advance for assistance.
yes you can go into the court order it speak to your attorney about it
I can do other options like classes or community services or fine reduced
paying off the fineis not a condition precedent to getting your license and gettingto be dependent on paying off the...
LONG story short...was at dive bar, got wayyyy to drunk and ended up in a fight and ended up going to jail blah blah blah. Mind you I remember absolutely nothing. Never has that happen. On surveillance video police used for court it shows me literally barely able to stand but yet bartender kept serving me no problem. Now I've got to pay all these fines and stuff but none of it woulda even happened had I beencut t off when shoulda been. Also, was it legal for bartender to not only NOT prevent me from coming back in with a weapon but then video shows him leaning over bar to watch and not stop things.
An intoxicated person can't collect for injury to himself, but a third party injured by the actions of a drunk person...
We were told he needs to be cleared by the FBI will the DUI show in the FBI database if charges were dismissed?
While not everyone agrees with me, my opinion is YES if he was fingerprinted in connection with the offense. I'm a...
I received a letter from Dept. of Finance from the city of Los Angeles. Stating I owe them for " Emergency Response Costs" of $1032.82 . They itemization they sent me looks like they want me to pay back the wages of the Police dept. officers that were at the accident. In the letter they are pretty agressive : stating law suit , collections or seizure of my bank account. I haven't worked since August due to loss of employment . And I have hospital bills over $673 k. because I was in hospital for 24 days and still recovering. I am overwhelmed and still face jail time Any recommendations ?
I doubt that they will negotiate a lower payment. Consult with a BK lawyer as to whether it is dischargeable in a 7. I...
I'm a legal resident and I have two misdemeanors for DUI. If I need to travel outside the US for business reasons or family emergency, would I have trouble coming back to the US? I have been advised that there will not be any problem in traveling outside the US but Border Patrol might question me. What are the changes of denying entry back to the States? Do I need to fill out paperwork before hand?
I would say it depends on where you are going. If you are traveling Canada you may be denied entry into Canada for...
In 2008 he was sentenced to 5 yrs probation for his 4th DUI which occurred in 2007 (No accidents in any of the DUIs) He has been attending his appoitments with the probation officer and also he is paying his fees monthly (but he still owes around 4K).He has done the classes he was ask to finish. His probation officer told him that this coming February she has to do a case review. My husband want to file a petition for the probation to be terminated because he wants to work with his degree that he recently got also he wants to apply for citizenship. How long he has to wait to file this petition? Does he need an attorney to do it?
He doesn't need to have an attorney to file this, however, an attorney experienced in these cases would be a vast...