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DWI. arrested in NY (by my grad school). no accident. no injuries. no jail time at this point.
I failed field test. (A pass or fail only) Went back to station & did breathalyzer-1.13 Never in jail cell-officer looked up my record with me there & said my record was clean. He also said he'd tell court I was cooperative & honest. Got public defender b/c in grad school & did not want to involve parents. Been in front of judge, it was "adjourned" twice, 2nd time so that I could speak to officer in case he could recommend reducing down to DWAI. But he said he coudl not-poilcy of dept not to when BAC was over .10. 2 ques: should I & can I still get an attorney? I don't want to make judge mad if I change at this late time. (Court date is 7/13) what is worse case scenario-I am home in MD for summer-what can I do if I have to take court ordered DWI classes, etc?
The public defender may help you, but if you are not satisifed with the deal they offered or the way the case is...
What are the typical repercussions of a 3rd offense DUI in the state of Maryland?
I live in MD and have two priors in PA, the first being in 2009. Im currently enrolled in a 26 week treatment program. I know there will be jail time and license suspension, im just trying to get a more accurate outlook on what will happen.
Much depends on the specific facts of your case. That said, I think your expectations are not unrealsitic. I think...
In Md iif vehicle was mechanically unable to drive, but forgot to turn in tags to DMV can the penalty be waived? IDMV 4800..00.
Motor needed replaced.Truck parked my garage not being driven.Repossed so they know could not be driven..DMV charged me $4800.00.I cannot pay iit.They requiew 20% down to make pymt arrangements plus the pymts would be too high. Can you help me waive this debt.
That certainly is a lot of money. The Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR) may provide a way to argue you do not owe...
If I am granted a PBJ in Maryland for a first time DUI, does the PBJ get reported back to home state of Mass?
I tapped a vehicle pulling out of a parking spot after a few beers and an officer witnessed it and decided it was ground for a breathalyzer. I came in at .09 BAC. Clean record. Never been in trouble. I read online that insurance companies do not find out about PBJ's, so I was curious since PBJ's are not considered convictions would it be reported back to my home state? I have also read online that the interstate myth regarding Massachusetts not finding out about out of state DUI's is a farce due to the new DLC (?). Since Mass. doesn't have a PBJ law, I'm puzzled as to how this would effect me back home dealing with the RMV.
Do not go into this case with a pbj attitude . Low breath test cases are defensible in some circumstances. Md will...
If my license is suspended in PA for dui can I obtain a restricted or hardship license in MD if I now reside there?
License suspended in PA for a 1st tier, 2nd offense duo. Was pulled over in July 2011, due to a delay in the arresting officer filing paperwork, court case was not heard until January of 2013. Received a 1 year suspension. Moved to MD in Feb 2013. No public transportation where I live and I need to be able to drive to and from work. Is it possible to get a restricted/hardship license? I would be willing to have ignition interlock installed
License must be cleared in PA before you can obtain a MD license. You need to discuss with a PA lawyer how to clear...
My question is i got a DUI the other night i live in pa but got pulled over in Maryland this is my first offense cl driver
i am a cl driver i don't know the first thing of how to go about this ?
There are too many aspects to your case to discuss on this forum. Contact either myself at 301.787.8811, or another...
I have a violation of probation DUI case in march what do i do?
I am on probation for driving while impaired by drugs or alcohol and have to complete a Treatment Program as well. In the treatment program I tested positive for alcohol 2 times (They informed me of both positives at the same time). I have not tested positive since then and will not test positive again. (i believe my positive tests were in November). I have been making all my payments and going to every probation and treatment appointment. The reason I drank in the first place was the times offered by the treatment facility were inevitably going to make me drop out of college or quit my job. I ended up having to drop the class which hurt my GPA and also cost me a considerable amount money. My question is what should I do and what are my odds of getting a continuance or something like it?
If it is the first time up. it may be possible to get a postponement to get an attorney but it is not a sure thing....