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DUI: Surcharge
In mid-2012, I received a conviction for DUI. My license, as per the court, was suspended for 1 year. DPS never received notice of the conviction, and my license never showed up as suspended. Three years later now, I am wondering about the surcharge which also wasn't assessed. The Texas statute says: Sec. 708.102(b) Each year the department shall assess a surcharge on the license of each person who during the preceding 36-month period has been finally convicted of an offense relating to the operating of a motor vehicle while intoxicated. Sec. 708.102(d)A surcharge under this section for the same conviction may not be assessed in more than three years. Will the surcharge automatically expire this year, so that it can never be assessed as it passed out of the three year time frame?
Check your license and all the applicable surcharges and other actions on DPS website. It will tell you what is...
Can a felony DWI the elgible for a 1244 a?
we live in Texas and he is already been sentenced to 4 years at TDC. he has made trustee in the county that he is at right now. this is 3rd or more DWI
No because 1244a only applies to state jail felonies and a felony DWI is at least a third degree felony
Is this a decent out come on a DWI Case in Austin Texas?
90 ALR Suspsension already served, so at no contest plea ALR credit, 10 Days in Jail, credit for 1 day @ 2 for 1. No fine, court costs $475. DWI involved a vehicular accident with another car, the BAC was .16
You need to talk with your attorney about this. If you do not have one, then hire one.
Is there jail time for a DWI with 3 children under the age of 15 with a probation violation in Texas?
My sister-in-law was arrested 4 years ago for a DWI with my 3 nephews in the car. They gave her a blower and 5 years probation. A month ago she was arrested for violating her probation because of some paperwork issues. She was in jail for 8 days until she was bonded out. She goes to court next Friday with a lawyer. What can be expected?
A DWI child child is a State Jail Felony. Following a violation of supervision conditions, she could face 90 to 180...
I got a dwi when i hit a mailbox. I came home to get my husband which was a block away. The guy called the police and followed
me home> I went inside and drank after seeing my car and my husband being upset. I wasnt drinking till I got home. And only because i was in shock and shakin up.
First. Do not post statements online about your case or talk to anyone about your case. Second. Hire a lawyer...
First Time dwi blood came back 2x the limit lawyer said no fighting is that true after hours of sleep hours of waiting to test
Was stopped at 730 am after a night out. Slept for at least 4 to 5 hours woke up and headed home was stopped cause it was a holiday was arrested and taken to hospital to give blood hours later 5 months now they said test showed 2x the limit but I find that to be untrue and the lawyer I have said there's no fighting it I find that hard to believe
I hate to be the one to tell you this, but if your lawyer truly said "there's no fighting it" then he's wrong. There...
Can i reapply for a CHL in Texas if my DUI/DWI was in NC in 2012?
i received a dui/dwi in 2012 while stationed in NC. I retired and am now home in Texas. Can i reapply for a CHL since mine has expired and i am in a different state?
It doesn't sound like you are automatically disqualified for one DWI, but they could certainly consider it. But, if...