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A friend had a felony DWI 3rd knocked down to a misdemeanor and got 2 years probation. he's serving 30 days as a condition. Will he have a drivers license when he's released?
If his license wasn't ordered suspended when he went to court, he may still have a valid license. However, he was most...
My husband got a 3rd DWI the first week of July.. his court date is July 29th, hes thinking that it will just get postponed,but I told him anything can happen. He has no lawyer so far. Who is correct? or close to it? I know he will get jail time I'm sure. Is probation possible too? Thank you.
My best advice is to hire a local attorney ASAP who can start working on a defense for your husband. it is a very...
I have my full drivers license and need to move furniture for my employer with a U-Haul truck to North Carolina. Would this be problem since the vehicle wouldn't have a breathalyzer on it? If it is, is there a way around this? Thanks.
I would check with your attorney as to your restrictions. Often you can get an interlock exemption for work vehicles
I am going to turn myself in, but I wanted to know the penalty for the above question. I moved to Arizona and now I am ready to move back.
If you missed your court date your bond was most likely revoked, and you likely have an active warrant. You may be...
For sentencing I received 6 months interlock, 6 months license suspension, 18 months probation and 7 months community service. It is a DUI conviction due to trial. The officer admitted to lying to the magistrate in order to get a blood warrant and there is physical proof he did lie. The video of the procedure and the phlebotomist were not to be found for trial even though my lawyer requested both, the officer admitted during the procedure, if DUI officers have 3 arrests in one shift they can stay in, I was his 3rd, my BAC came back at .0156 although I was completely sober. The officer followed me for 11 miles until I was heading into a different county, he pulled me over for going 72 in a 65. He didn't video tape most of the road test. The parts of the road test filmed were excellent.
Since you had an attorney at trial, my advice would be to consult with your attorney.
If an attorney has been putting off a case to reduce the penalty should the penalty be the same as if it went to court within a few months? We were told the reason it was being put off was to get a lighter penalty but are now being told he may have to install a breathalizer for a year and pay $5000-$7000 dollars in fees. There is no breathalizer result from night of arrest due to not taking test. This is a first offense that happened in December of 2011. Now it's been 2 1/2 years later and this could of been over with but instead it seems to be postposed all of this time for nothing. Should we get another attorney?
The fact your lawyer put off the case for a long time does not reduce the exposure you have However, if it is a first...
Does xlr-11 show up in a blood draw in Tx? Could you please tell me where/ how to research this subject. I was arrested for felony dwi and the only substance that could show up is synthetic cannibiods, at the time I thought they were undetectable. It has been 11 months and the state had to give my liscense back due to the blood test results not being back. All I know is that I either passed the blood draw or the results are not back yet because my dl is still good. Also I was indicted by the Grand Jury, I am guessing this was based on DRE because I got that letter shortly after the one returning my liscense. Any info, guidance, and advice would be appreciated.
Felony DUI? You need a serious DUI lawyer to represent you. Trying to fight this on your own isn't wise. Can't afford...