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I was arressted for DUI for Alcohol. I submitted to a Blood test because the breathalizer was not registering anything. However, I did take Ambien and apparently woke up from my sleep and went for a drive (sleep driving) and then was pulled over which resulted in my arrest. I think I might have told the officer that I had taken Ambien but don't really remember. However, I would think that if I did tell him then it would have been noted in the citation but it wasn't. Only Alcohol was cited as the reason for the arrest and blood test.
If there is no alcohol on your blood and if the officer asked the GBI to conduct a drunk analysis, then the GBI will...
He was under the influence when the accident occurred . 2 cars involved. He was previously convicted of a burglary charge - felony. He was done with all classes only had a fine to pay. After being arrested he pled guilty to charges. Court said 10 days he will be released, a few days went by immigration picked him up and sent him to osilla ga immigration jail. He is a green card holder. With the situation in Ukraine happening, will he get deported. No immigration court date yet. Spoke to 2 attorny and both give me different answers .
He may, or may not, be eligible for various types of relief from deportation. Please see
I'm here from fla (with a fla license) and have just received my 1st DUI here in Gwinnett county. I have no idea what to do to keep my license from being suspended. My court date is July 9. I was arrested last Sunday May 4. Can someone help me with this??
Hire a lawyer immediately. DUIs are complex and an experienced lawyer will know what to look for in your case to defend...
I do not own a car , Liscence has been suspended for 5 yrs , I do not have a job and I lost 95% of my visitation with my children due to the DUI . I need a liscence in-order to have my visitation to be restored and the interlock device is whats left . I tried it for a month but could not get my car to start . So , I was let go from my job . I know that Judges rarely approve these . But everyday that goes by the chances of loosing my joint custody gets greater . I am willing to do anything else that would make the court comfortable . I have a Rule Nisi form but cannot find a modification , revocation or waiver relating to a DUI . Do any of those form exist ?
I advise that you hire a criminal defense attorney immediately. They should hopefully be able to help you get a...
I am on probation , for a 3rd DUI with SEC in Lawrenceville GA , My job is promoting me , with a high paying position , but have to relocate to Houston , TX . I really don't want to miss this out . Is there any way I can get my probation transferred to Houston , TX ? I have Completed my Community Service , And Have got my Evaluation done .
Yes. You should be able to with the help of an attorney if probation is unwilling to do it per your request. Feel free...
Yes, from what you described your DUI quasi-criminal case is currently pending against you.
The person was detained for an improper change lane, and a DUI at overnight. He took a Breathalyzer test and got 0.13. No collisions, no damage, no injuries, no nothing. Just the DUI. Will he be able to re-new his visa L1? The petition for the L1 ends by 2014.
Technically all people on non-immigrant visas are required to obey all laws and failure to do so could result in their...