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If so, how do I go about it? Do I just ask the judge in court?
Such legally desirous effect should be assessed by an experienced California licensed counsel familiar with local court...
I just received my restricted license from the CA DMV, and I was expecting the restrictions of only to/from/in the course of work, to/from school, and to/from the DUI school. However, with my temp printout, I was given a card that listed my restrictions, and one is worded as "drive to and from treatment program". I'm currently in counseling for substance abuse/depression of my own accord and I was wondering if that statement implied I could drive to/from those sessions as well. The wording seems awfully vague to me. Thanks for your help.
You might check the fine print... nothing should indicate that its ok to drive to "school". Employment and the DUI...
My friend was in an accident . And could be possibly charged with child endangerment possession and DUI . No legal actions have been taken in a month and 4 days . And still no warrents . What could be happening ? Is it suppose to take this amount of time?
He/she should contact either the DA or the Clerk's office in Palo Alto, one of three possible things may have occurred:...
I got arrested for DUI, at scene officer said i have BAC of .16 after breath analyzer test but the paper given to me for court date shows charge as VC 23152 a. I read online and found that VC 23152 a is for BAC .08 or less. I was blood chemical tested at station too. How do i get exact BAC reported? officer told me .16 but section charged me VC 23152 a which is for .08 or less. Who should i ask for actual reported BAC?
Stop trying to figure this out yourself and hire a lawyer to help. You will also be charged with VC23152(b) and the...
I've been arrested 2005 with driving under the influence of drugs, methamphetamine and I was charge of HS 11550 (a) and got expunge last 2008 through DEJ. I applied for citizenship and I disclosed everything about this arrest and now I am just waiting for interview schedule for the 3rd time. My 1st interview schedule on July 19, 2013 was reschedule because of my lawyer's schedules conflict, then USCIS rescheduled me again on Aug. 26, 2013 but unfortunately, my lawyer didn't show up at the interview and I asked them if they can reschedule it again and my case status on-line said that on Aug. 30, 2013, they set me for another interview and I'm just waiting for the mail to come. Is it ok to withdraw my application because of my arrest or should I go and see what's gonna happen? Thank you.
You should direct this question to an immigration attorney.
On or about 7:30am, 12 March 2014, a hit and run driver damaged my car beyond repair. The hit and run driver was later caught by police. He was arrested for DUI, o/a 5:00 am, before the incident It was totaled by my insurance company. I have to spend more or less $15,000.00 to get a new car. Can I sue for loss of use, damages, exemplary damages, and for the traumatic experience and undue stress, my wife and I experienced because of the hit and run driver's fault. My CRV will still run for another 300,000 miles, and we would not spend a penny in trying to recover damages. and get a replacement car. Farmers insurance offered $4000 for a CRV valued at $7,500. It was not enough. We disputed their computation, but later accepted accepted it to purchase another CRV costing us $10,000+
Undue stress isn't going to fly but you can get compensation. Contact the DA's office and ask for victim's restitution...
I'vebeen tentatively approved and paid half my deposit.They just have to do a background check. Does a misdimenors show up?I read it usually doesn't.SignedScared
If its a conviction it will show up