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20 yr old stopped by officer for tires in back of car blocking view and 3 people in front, officer then smells alcohol and gives sobriety test takes 20 yr old in handcuffs to police station and then read maranda rights. Now 3 weeks and 2 days later a citation for the same day comes but is for a DUI.
Yes. An officer does not have to present the ticket that day. They can collect the evidence and proceed with the ticket...
I was given paperwork of terms of probation which states to report any change of address with 7 days of moving and to attend satop class which I already did and showed the court. The court is saying that if I move back to california I have to in front of the judge and ask him if I can move even there is no paperwork saying that only to report my change of address. Why are they screwing with me and do I have to go in front of the judge?
It appears based on what you are saying that moving out of state without court permission would violate a term of your...
A felony DWI.
Your question is very open. There are many good attorneys on this website, you should contact one.
My court order states that I must submit to drug and alcohol testing, but there is no box on the form, checked or unchecked, mentioning whether or not you could be prohibited from drinking alcohol. My probation check-ins are done via mail as I live two hours away from my probation officer. I do not want to ask my probation officer as it has been a year since I started probation, and I honestly do not remember if I asked at the time I first met with them.
Generally no, most probation, particularly for DUI include no alcohol. With that said, the probation orders in KC will...
In 2007 was in car wreck,in Aurora, missouri . All I did was refuse breathalizer and when charges went to Lawerence county, my charges got dropped. Now I'm doing SATOP but theres no DUI or DWI on my record. [info withheld]. There is more to this that would be easier for me to explain in detail if you contact me at this phone number.
You will need to hire an attorney in the county where you were arrested. That attorney should be able to get the...
When he was at college(20 years old) he was driving and a lady hit him they exchange info and went along. an hour later the police showed up and gave him a test and arrested him for DUI. He appeared the next day and plead guilty. Now that its off of his driving record when he fills out employment records does he have to say yes when asked if he has ever had a DUI? Can he get this removed being he was under age? This happened in Columbia MO . Thanks
It depends what the disposition was and what the question on the employment application is. If it has been 10 years,...
I have prior convictions, all non violent, and am currently on parole, which I will complete in September. I live below the poverty line and can honestly not afford a lawyer. I have started the SATOP program. Is the amount of jail time I am likely to get (if any) worth the amount of money I will have to pay? Thank you for your time.
The jail time will depend on if you a charged in municipal court or State court. No matter where you are charged, you...