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Can a police officer send a DUI citation in the mail 3 weeks and 2 days after issuing a citation for a minor in possession
20 yr old stopped by officer for tires in back of car blocking view and 3 people in front, officer then smells alcohol and gives sobriety test takes 20 yr old in handcuffs to police station and then read maranda rights. Now 3 weeks and 2 days later a citation for the same day comes but is for a DUI.
Yes. An officer does not have to present the ticket that day. They can collect the evidence and proceed with the ticket...
I got a dui in licking missouri and was sentenced to court supervised probation
I was given paperwork of terms of probation which states to report any change of address with 7 days of moving and to attend satop class which I already did and showed the court. The court is saying that if I move back to california I have to in front of the judge and ask him if I can move even there is no paperwork saying that only to report my change of address. Why are they screwing with me and do I have to go in front of the judge?
It appears based on what you are saying that moving out of state without court permission would violate a term of your...
Can you be put on probation for a DWI
Have been arrested for position of a controlled substance
You certainly can be put on probation for dwi.. did you get arrested for dwi or just a possession?
What form do I need to file to ensure that oldest daughter gets custody of youngest daughter when wife and I die?
Also want to ensure that she gets all of the benefits (social security, life insurance, etc.)
I would suggest a Will with a Guardianship provision as described. Good luck.
Wil a suspension for refusal to take bac on driver record affect employer's insurance for me to drive company vehicle.
I also have ignition interlock device on personal vehicle until Dec.
It could but this is not a legal question. It depends on whether your employer's insurer looks at individual driver's...
What can I do about a 9 almost ten year old dwi?
Just wanted to know I was told after 10 years it would fall off my record meaning that it wouldn't be there any more is this true? Or would I have to get it expunged?
It will not automatically be removed from your record. You need to hire a local attorney to file for expungement after...
Just wondering if I have a case against my ex wife of the adoption of my daughter.
2 years ago I signed the rights to my daughter over to my ex wife and her new husband which one did you adopt my daughter I did so only on the circumstances that my child support would stop and that all ten thousand dollars in back child support would be forgivenI've got all the paperwork stating in the paperwork that everything was supposed to be forgiven but now they're garnishing my wages taking my tax return what can I do about thisdo I have a case and how do I go about it
Typically any past due child support obligation is not waived. The effect of the adoption is to stop any future child...