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After a DUI and possible incarcenation, are there programs out there to help people get back on there feet again? Not having the ability to drive?
I would talk with your attorney who should be able to give some direction to you. Every case is different but...
DUI Level 3. When there is a hearing for ARD or if its revoked and someone has this in a remote county and has to drive to the hearing, having no other transportation or public transportation. Do is the vehicle impounded and the person put in jail on top of the DUI? What are options if any in a case like this?
If your license is revoked or suspended and there's no public transit option, someone has to drive -- but not you.
I have an appeal with PennDot for a refusal to submit to a blood test after I gave them a breath test next week. I am being told I will undoubtedly lose this appeal and the one year license suspension will be enforced. As for my DUI, it is my first offense and will be placed on the ARD program (if all goes well) sometime near the end of summer. After two months from my appeal date for the refusal, can I apply for some sort of license to get to school and work ? Is there a separate case you have to bring up to fight for this ? I was told no several times but then other lawyers I spoke with said if on ARD and two months of suspension have been served they will grant that normally. ( I made sure to tell them one year of the suspension is due to refusal )
Unfortunately, no. What you are trying to obtain is an Occupational Limited License (OLL) which would allow you to...
My appeal date with PennDot for refusing to take a blood test (complied with breath test but was never told what they wanted me to sign which was the blood work form) is in about two weeks and I was wondering if I should file a petition for an OLL before ? If denied, can I apply again ? , or appeal ?
You are not eligiable for an OLL through PENNDOT for a refusal. I would contact a qualified attorney to go over your...
Upon receiving a DUI, I was taken to the police DUI processing center by the two security guards whom made the initial arrest. When there, I complied with a breath test and was then handed a packet and told to sign. I asked what I was being asked to sign because I did not want to incriminate myself and if my lawyer could explain it to me. Immediately after I was released without ever being told I would be getting a refusal from PennDot until I received the notice in the mail. How likely are these appeals turned over ? If I or my future lawyer seeks to contact the officer would let/can they work something out for this ? Is there a higher appeal of they sustain ?
This is a matter you will need to hire an attorney to handle to make sure it is done correctly and to have the best...
I am in ARD, never before had any issues in terms of trouble. Is there any help for people who did not have a job before the DUI and then had a DUI. I want to work desperately...Will anyone hire me? My background is clerical.
Many people shy away from hiring those that have a conviction record of abusing alcohol and putting others like kids...
Failure to maintain direction was the reason being pulled over. I maintained my direction and was going 2mph under posted limit since there were children playing with a ball on the near sidewalk. Also in a town with massive potholes. My friend had marijuana under his seat after allowing the officer to do a search. It was also in my system from the test. I have no driving violations? Driving an expensive car in a small town, my problem? I had multiple reconstructive surgeries and live with many chronic pain conditions. I am now struggling to keep my job I'm at for almost 5 years with countless promotions. Something does not seem right including my deadbeat attorney I have to drag answers out of.
The best answer is to check with your attorney, though considering your description, that sounds less than ideal....