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in florida, if a formal administrative hearing is requested after a dui arrest, does the arresting officer and/or certified breath tester have to show up tp the formal administrative hearing, or will the hearing officers sinply read the arrest report and make a decision? what happens if the officer does not show up, but on paper according tp the arrest report, there was a refusal to blow? does the suspension still stand on those grounds or would it be thrown out based on the arrestibg officers absense?
First, DUI cases - especially the administrative DMV component are complicated and should not be navigated by law...
requires this in order to get your license back? Thanks for who ever responds back. Appreciate any advise.
Have you asked DMV ? Call and ask.
i know this is a too broad area to get any specific insight. I just wanted to hear some stories. What are your experiences defending a DUI that you've actually won by attacking the FSTs ? Won as in acquitted, not jut reduce charges or dismissals. What were some of the points you hit ? Was there any other evidence used against your clients like breath tests or dash cams? Did your clients have witnesses to help defend their seemingly sober disposition before the stop ? Thanks
You are no going to get chapter and verse from me on line as to either my strategies or techniques or accolades or...
charge before being sentenced to 55 mos DOC with this charge and 2 felonies back in 2010.I'm on my 6th month and did DUI school,Victim Impact ,and 50 hrs community service. I did not do ADAP or pay for supervision as my argument is I have no finances and are unemployed just being released from prison. Can you tell me if you think this is the right motion to file and ask the judge to grant this motion?. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
It sounds like you've done quite a bit to comply with your sentence on the DUI. That should count for something with...
I have 3 DUI convictions and have the Alcolock system installed in my vehicle. Earlier this month I blew 3 cautions in a row. I just got the readings and they were .027, .03 and again .03.
If you are still on probation, you risk being violated and being subject to the full sentence that you faced on the...
How much time can they give me and will I just have to do the DUI school PD said I'll just have to do DUI school is this correct.
I think I answered this question in the next post. Do you already have a Vop pending? I would have to know a lot more...
I'm trying to get this probation terminated I have 192 days jail credits on this charge and I don't think I have to do this probation.I should get time served and terminate this probation.I'll just have to do the DUI school.Can I get a hearing instead of going to jail my probation officer is pretty good.
Do you have a pending violation of probation warrant against you? If so, you'll need to get a consultation with a...