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I didn't blow. Odds of a reduced charge? I'm in real estate. I'll loose everything if I can't drive. No priors of any kind.
I made an illegal u turn. When asked I did say I had a couple beers. Not sure how field sobriety went, I told the officer I had a knee injury which is true. I know I had trouble on the one leg part. Not surprising with a torn knee. I didn't blow when asked. They said I would loose my license for a year if I didn't. Pretty intimidating but every attorney always says don't blow. Any advice would help. I'm 40, no priors. I'm not gonna lie. I was in AA until this recent relapse, I can't lie about that part. The recently ex chief of police had known me my whole life and knows I've been in AA if that helps
Contact an attorney asap, certainly before your next court appearance. You are suspended for a year by the BMV, but you...
Can i get a ccw permit in ohio with a weapons while intoxicated and inducing panic charge both of which are misdemeanors
I have a weapons while intoxicated and inducing panic charges both of which are misdemeanors. Am i able to get a ccw permit in ohio with these charges
I am not licensed in Ohio, but my suspicion is the answer is no. To get an answer that is more meaningful, I would...
Can i get a ccw in ohio with a weapons while intoxicated and a inducing panic charges both of which are misdemeanors
I have a weapons while intoxicated and inducing panic charges both of which are misdemeanors and would like to know if i am able to get a ccw in ohio
Sorry but you question makes absolutely no sense. You are always able to get a ccw in Ohio. Just carry a concealed...
First time dui with bad attitude
I was charged with my first dui in summit county ohio. I truthfully did not have much to drink. A few beers at most. I refused breathalyzer. I was insulting to police officers but not threatening or resisting. I am a very productive member of society with a high income. I am thinking of pleading guilty as I failed the field tests and am very remorseful. What are the chances of getting jail time due to my bad behavior.
Don't just plead guilty. Our justice system does not reward you for not putting up a fight. Hire an attorney. A good...
What am I suppose to do?
I live in Ohio, and had a charge reduced from an OVI to OVUAC. I'm 21 now, and I am finding myself somewhat in a permanent mess. After this while mess is over, I'm still paying the price forever. I now have a permanent criminal record that can never be expunged, and have to avoid any applications that make you list misdemeanors. Is there nothing I can do?
Have you discussed this with an experienced criminal defense attorney in the Akron area? That's what you should do? I...
I am a Canadian citizen living in the United States as a legal resident (with green card). I am being charged with a DUI.
Will this DUI charge (first time) that I am guilty of result in deportation, exclusion from admission to the United States, denial of naturalization, or other consequences? What problems will this cause crossing the border into Canada? Thank You!
I recommend hiring a qualified immigration attorney in your area who is familiar with the local criminal code to assist...
OVUAC question.
Last July, I plead guilty to an OVUAC. I know it cant be expunged in Ohio, but I plan on moving. What's the number of years it takes before it can be expunged in another state? Also, this did not appear on my criminal record, only driving record. I checked the court website where the files are public. Is this wrong?
Because it happened here it would need to be expunged here in Ohio and as you know that is not possible. As far as why...