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I have a 2nd DUI traffic ticket and a no driver license traffic ticket
In most states, the fact that you refused the test can be shared with the jury at trial, making it look like you must...
3rd DUI no other infractions while on probation and I was not arrested at the accident
If you are charged with driving with a suspended license, there is a chance they can move to revoke your probation. I...
New Years Eve I had a party that ran into the New Year, I was then interrogated, while I was intoxicated, and asked to sign the report that he made of my drunken statements, in which I turned out to wrongfully accuse one of my friends of bringing alcohol to my party. In my drunken stupor is glassed the paper before I signed it and didn't catch the paper that contained my statement. My buddy is in a bit of a bind right now because what the police wrote in the report that I told him that the MAJORITY of the alcohol was supplied by my buddy, which it was not. Since I was drunk during the interrogation though, does that not deem the report not solid enough evidence?
If you buddy is in legal trouble, he needs a lawyer and you as a witness.
Parents are removing me from insurance because they feel they are at risk of being sued if I were to get in a car accident and hurt somebody else due to DUI. I own and paid for my car in full and the title is in my name.
You will be the only one who is liable, your parents are correct in what they are doing.
My stepfather went to the emergency room in New Albany MS and was presented with some very bad news. The doctors found a spot on his lung that they are all but certain is lung cancer. This news triggered a relapse with my stepfather. After a year of not drinking a drop he turned to alcohol as a coping mechanism. He had just received news that was all but a death sentence. He was stopped in Corinth MS for going through a light that was turning yellow. He blew a .7 on the breathalyzer machine that checks for alcohol levels. Although he did not blow enough for a DUI, he was ticketed and jailed for it anyway. He had one of his diabetic pills out of the bottle and laying on the dash of his vehicle so the officer checked under the influence of other substances. He requested a blood test-denied
He faces both a parole violation as well as from what you were stating it sounds like he has additional charges. He...
I got a dui in June of 2008 I was 17. In April of 2013 I got a second. Hired a attorney he got it dropped to a first. Then in early December this year coming home from a friends early in the morning I refused a breathe test. I got charged with a second. Could it be a third? I have a full time job and a full time student and going through a out patient recovery program to become alcohol free. This is my criminal history. Am I looking at jail time ?
Even though you were charged with a second offense the other two prior convictions can be used for enhancement purposes...
1st DUI - FEB., 2011 2nd DUI - DEC., 2011
Application for hardship is made at the discretion of the Massachusetts RMV. With that said, there are general...