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A felony DWI.
Your question is very open. There are many good attorneys on this website, you should contact one.
I was recently arrested for a DWI(heroin) in St. Louis. They drew blood with my consent, only after the officer told me it was worse for me to refuse. They released me that night with a court date and told me the charge was pending until the lab work was completed. They also told me that this charge is now a felony in Missouri, even for a first time offense. Everything I've read so far on the internet seems to contradict this. Any information is greatly appreciated. Thank you
Hence why we have lawyers and police officers should never give legal advice. You are correct, it is not a felony....
Have did all stipulates are done that the courts gave.
You can contact the Missouri Department of Revenue (Driver's License Bureau) in Jefferson City, MO by phone (573) 751-...
No Nothing on my background but parking tickets that were paid as soon as I recieved them in the last 12 years.....
Based on the information you've provided there is no way I can answer this question. I would need to know more. There...
was never given access to an attorney when refusing. Both arrest report as well as probable cause statement reflect this as fact, where officer puts down I had asked for an attorney (twice). Then the next minute, he gives the refusal... Does this qualify for an invalid refusal??
Get in to see an attorney ASAP. The time you have to appeal the revocation is limited, and the limitation is strictly...
My dwi offense occurred in 2010 and I received an SIS in 2012 after completing all requirements for my probation. I have no other infractions on my record. I would consider myself completely rehabilitated but I am wondering if Canada will see my SIS if they scan my passport and if they will consider me rehabilitated and let me in at the border? I am on my way to Canada now for a wedding and I brought my resume and portfolio that show my achievements and has a letter of recommendation, a paycheck stub from work, a letter of recommendation from my mom about my dwi and describes how I've been rehabilitated specifically written for entry into Canada, and the wedding invitation. I am also an RN on a cancer unit (extra moral) Do you think they will see my SIS on my record & will they let me in?
Canada is very strict on allowing entrance to people with DUI Convictions. I would assume it will be a problem.
I attended state paid rehab and have not had a drink for over 2 years. I attend AA regularly and yet I can't seem to get my license back. What kind of a lawyer should I hire to fix this and what cost is involved?
This is difficult to answer without knowing your full criminal/administrative history. The easiest thing for you to do...