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My husband and i have been married for almost 2 years and have a daughter who is almost 2. we havn't filed for the I-130 due to a misprint of his birthdate on her certificate. 2 days ago he was arrested for a DWI this was his first arrest and offense. ICE was contacted an out a hold on him. ICE thankfully dismissed the hold Two days later. we are now going to file for the I-130. my question is will this DWI affect the process or should i hire an immigration attorney?
DUI is not generally a bar to adjustment of status.
I am a US citizen that has been married to an immigrant for two years we have a two year old daughter, he has been arrested for a DWI and ICE was contacted. they out a hold on him. I need advice as what to do next. This is his first arrest and offense. He is the worker and provider for both our daughter and I. I need some kind of help. We were in the process of filing for his legal status. we were just waiting on our daughter birth certificate, due to a misprint.
You obviously understand that you have a complicated immigration situation. Your future depends on what you do next....
Arrested on dui(of drugs). Not on probation. This was a year ago(date of my arrest).
You will not be drug tested. However, from your question, I am assuming you are still using and trying to get your...
About 2 years ago , my father was struck by a car on his motorcycle by an drunk driver. He had just started to get his social security/disabilty started , not even 2 months before he was killed. He was married for a year before his death , but his wife has nothing to do with his other children , I , his eldest son , am trying to find out , what way is it that me and my other siblings could get some kind of ,payout,or settlement , my father did pay childs support , and supported us as a whole when he left the home , I dont want it to come off as i am just trying to get money , he really was part of our financial state , his mother , (my grandmother) , wont give me nor my other siblings any information about my fathers lawyers or anything , should I just get my own attorney? Please Help Me.
I have a guy in my office that is great at this sort of thing. Depends on what is going on with his current lawyer(s)...
I was involved in a accident that was not my fault, which is what is indicated on the police report. Here is the problem that we are having now with their insurance...Before me and husband got in the truck, we had dinner and I had 2 drinks with dinner. The cop smelled alcohol and ask to give me a breath test. He did not tell me what I registered but I did not get arrested or a ticket. I was allowed to drive away so that tells me that I was below the limit. I got the police report for my insurance company and there is nothing that even says I was tested. Now the other persons insurance is saying they are not paying for my truck because i should be at fault because I was drinking.He said that he was going to have the police report changed and me charged with a DUI. Is that even possible?
A lot of strange things can happen in DUI cases with arrests coming under very questionable circumstances. However, if...
asking about hunting with dwi conviction
Unless it is a felony dui, you should have no problems owning guns.
On April 27, 2008 I was stopped for speeding and the trooper suspected I was under the influence of something. I was taken to jail for a urine test and he said I tested positive for cocaine and charged with DUI and he sent the urine test off to the Arkansas State Crime Lab. I had used cocaine 9 days prior to the arrest and 99% of medical research says it only stays in your system for no more than 3-4 days. I had not used anything not even alcohol 9 days prior to the arrest. They suspended my license for 6 months. I had my court date on June 2, 2008. The trooper did not show up and the crime lab results were not back (Thats 1 month). The judge ordered a continuence until July 28. I found out today that the results from the state crime lab are still not back( thats 2 months) and I still have another month to go to the next court date. This seems ridiculous At the time of my arrest I was not impaired or under the influence in any way. Even by some miracle some traces of cocaine was in my system they were from 9 days ago. This whole ordeal has brought my life to a standstill. By the way this is my first offense all I have had in the past years area few speeding tickets. Please offer your opinion and advice , it would be greatly appreciated
To begin, I assume this happened in Arkansas based on where it shows the posting is from. So, let me clarify that I am...