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will i be eligible for the deferral program
I see no one has answered your question. Consider calling a local DUI lawyer for help. Most will give you a free...
I was arrested a few days ago for a DUI. (less than week) I have an NJ license but the DUI took place in WV (where I live/attend school) Can I get my NJ license quickly transferred to a WV license so I will not face charges in two states?
You need to consult with an experienced DUI attorney. This is a complex issue that you must have an attorney for.
He received the first one (and the first ever run-in he's had with the law) in December, when he was pulled over and blew a 0.12. He was just pulled over again this weekend for running a yellow light and blew a .086. He was put on a deferral program for the first where he would be able to get it expunged after so many months, but now with the second one, we're both a little worried for him. The legal limit in this state is .08 (1 drink per hour), so he was just BARELY over, but we're still really worried about what's going to happen to him.
Possibly. Talk to a locally experienced defense attorney to learn about any defenses he might have and to discuss...
On a Thursday I was heading back from a party walking normally down a hill with my two friends, we had been drinking that night. Me and my one friend were fine, but the third friend was very drunk and knocked over a trash can. Cops stopped us and asked if we were his friend. We said yes and before even getting out of the car the two officers "claimed" they smelled alcohol on our breathe. We handed them out IDs and me being under 21 the officer immediately started writing me an underage consumption and public intox. I started arguing the PI because I was not being disorderly. The cops got fed up and arrested me and I was sent to County Prison for the night and had a video arraignment the next morning telling me my charges of underage and public intoxication.
At trial the prosecutor will have to prove the charge beyond a reasonable doubt. Hire a lawyer and cooperate to make...
Was asked to blow 4 times into the same straw. Back to back exhales even extremely heavy and soft until a reading. Could the accumulation of alcohol vapor trap in the straw and once read after the 4th exhale read high. Why didn't they change the straw after each unsuccessful test. Done at intake for DIP.
Where you driving a vehicle? Were you arrested for DUI? You don't provide a lot of information. You're question is for...
i recived a underage citation the cop told me to pay it and I'm good so i mailed it in what if they never get it? do i go to jail? i live in md how will they get me. Its a underage citation that probably got lost in the mail. Would i be a fugitive in this case?help!!!!
The unanswered citation will eventually connect to Maryland and your license will be suspended until such time as you...
It's my first offense and also got a possession of a controlled substance charge.
You need to hire and meet with a local layer in west Virginia and i suggest one who focuses on DWI cases.