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I just received my BAC results from a blood draw from July 25th this week. How would I go about requesting a outside lab confirm the sample results (or bad sample)? My results came back .155 which I was very surprised, I had 5 beers over a 4 hour period and every BAC calculator I ran the number through had me at .07 as the highest that night. If the outside lab results are lower (hopefully below the .150 enhanced threshold) or show the sample was contaminated I will need a DUI lawyer that has dealt with challenging the conflicting tests.
Out of curiosity, did you ask for the blood to be drawn or did they forcibly draw the blood after an accident?
I was placed on probation last week for wet reckless (originally a minor DUI) in Florida. I haven't met with my probation officer yet. Is it ok to own guns? It was not specifically addressed anywhere on my paperwork or by the judge but I have heard that probation sometimes does not allow you to have weapons. Also should I be worried about searches of my house at this point, or does the PO typically do those after the first meeting?
No. NO guns while on probation. Period paragraph. Following is a link to the "standard conditions of probation" in...
I was pulled over on the 25th of July and had blood drawn. I went in to the DHSMV (BAR) office today to apply for my Administrative Suspension informal/formal review. The person at the desk after going through my papers said I haven't been charged yet, I just received a citation, My DL wont be suspended till my blood results are back and the results are .08 or above and am charged. She said when the results are back I will receive a letter/ticket from DMV of the suspension and I have 10 days from that date to request the review. Since tomorrow is the last dayof the 10 days I can apply and she is completely wrong and its from the date I was stopped (date on citation) I would feel a lot better for some confirmation of what she said is correct. It makes sense though. Thanks
Let a competent criminal defense attorney licensed in Florida analyze your case carefully for all purposes to propose...
Paid all required fines, completed probation, graduated DWI School. Because I blew a .15 (exact limit for breathalyzer on 1st DWI), I haven't driven a car since. I have breathing issues (COPD) and can't send enough "air" into the machine for it to work correctly. I do not own a car presently. I need to drive again, the bus system keeps me from working a job in my career path. Help?
Sounds like there are a couple of issues that need to be known before your question can be answered. First and foremost,...
I got a DWI in FL in Jan. 2009. Blew .155. Haven't driven at all since then. Do I still need to have a breathalizer installed in my car for 6 months? This was the courts decision back in 2009, but 4 years have passed and I am ready to drive again. What do I need to do to get my privileges of driving in Florida once again?
The short answer is yes. While the installation of an ignition interlock device in your car was likely not a condition...
If I ask for a reset if there a chance of my case getting kicked to criminal court instead of remaining in traffic court? And if it does would it matter in sentencing?
Don't just plea guilty. You may have defenses and need a DUI attorney. There are some really good ones in St. Pete/...
Significant other is on Community Controlled House Arrest [DWLSR]. Probation Officers showed up to the residence with weapons drawn and stated, "We are here to do a home search." He gave consent for them to come in and look around. A scale with a razor and possible residue was found. Immediately he was taken into custody on a VOP. I do not recall him being mirandized. What Motions could possibly be filed?
A Motion to Suppress could be filed.