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  • Doctors don't know what killed this Missouri mom son

    Friday Feb 27 | via Big News 

    St. Peters, MO -- A mysterious sudden death of a mother and her adult son are raising concerns of a possibly dangerous virus.Zach Smith, 19, and his mother Rhonda Smith, 48, both of St. Peters, died within four days of each other after being in seemingly perfect health.The St. Charles County Health Department has been meeting with infectious disease doctors since Rhonda Smith's death early Thursday morning at Barnes St. Peters Hospital.Physicians at the hospital were at a complete loss to explain why Smith and her son's health declined so rapidly and what caused their deaths."


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I got my ticket in jefferson county missouri on Nov 23 2013. o had to the 7th of jan to file a thing with the court so i can drive it is been 2 months since he filed it with the county court he has the papper that said pending by it but still nothing why is it takeing so long to get a stay order on my dl. i looked on the case net here iin missouri and every case i seen filed on that day alreasdy has a stay order and i still dont have one what could be the problem i finally had to file a ldp form with missouri and i got it today. and it took me only 3 days from the tiime i filed it do i have a bad lawyer or what i dont know what to think about it
Simple: call your lawyer and ask questions until you understand what is going on and you are comfortable with his/her...
I had a Excessive Blood Alcohol { Misdemeanor C ) in the US. In 1999, only offense ever!!! I am a European Citizen. I returned to Europe in 1999, have since obtained a new passport since the old one was expired. Can I enter Canada? Will they know about this conviction even though I have lived in Europe these past 14 years and never had any other conviction since? On a court site I found it says guilty under the menu oint 'charges', but 'FOUND NOT guilty BY TRIAL' under 'docket entries'.......which I don't understand? Can I enter CA or do I have to file a rehabilitation form?
A conviction for a DUI or DWAI in the US does not necessarily result in a lifetime ban from entering Canada. Depending...
I got pulled over by a police officer because I forgot to dim my lights. He smelled no alcohol on my breath. He did not do the field test even though he said he did. My attorney had me plead guilty and I got 10 days of shock time, Breath test for car for 2 years , ankle bracelet 60 days, VIP and 2 years probation. Is this normal. I have talked to other people and they no of people that have had more then 3 and have never gotten this. I quit drinking that night and have not had anything since.
This is the classic, "I know people who have done way worse and gotten way less." If I were in your situation, I would...
2 DUI's out east and recently got one in the mid west. Will that effect his sentencing, license suspension and fines?
More than likely they will come up and they may treat the new one as a DUI third.
We share physical custody and I have sole legal custody. He has a history of alcohol abuse and I need to be able to prevent this from happening again. I at least want him to have to be supervised during visitation. He drove them to a gas station, got a pint of vodka and drank it and drove them around. The report says he couldn't even say his name and he blew a .361. I am desperate to protect my 1 and 3 yr old from this happening again! What are my chances and can I also get the help of DFS? He won't cooperate with their safety plan because he said his lawyer told him not to.
You should contact a family law attorney to help you with a modification of the decree of dissolution. I would not...
Fiance was arrested for 4th DWI. Would that be aggravated offender and Class D felony, is that correct on the new charge?
If convicted the prior three times, than yes, most likely an aggravated offender under statute and it is a Class C...
Will he be charged with habitual criminal? Will the other DWI's count against him?
The short answer is "yes," the other DWIs will count against him. By law, he will be charged with a felony (because of...