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What are my chances? I went to class , I pay and do all the things that they tell me to do. I was realease from provation calls like 3 months early... I want to apply now.. What I may need?
Your question is not clear. Apply for what?
On H.A. for a DWI and I don't do drugs or anything but am just curious as to what type of Urine test is given once I am officially off House Arrest? I don't have to take any tests after since my probation isn't followed by a probation officer.
It's impossible to say without knowing the exact terms of your sentence. The lawyer that represented you for the DWI...
I had a couple DUI's in AZ when I was visiting there. Ended up doing 3 months in Prision, one of the dui I was a passanger in the car, cop took me in even though I was not driving.. second I was sitting next to car changing tire, keys were in ignition, so its intent.. No tickets just dui..did my time , finnished my parole, no problems since , its been 13 years. did I mention I never lived in AZ or had a license there. I was turned over to MN for probation. Now went to renew my license in MN and all of a sudden because of this new national drivers license law, AZ has hold on license. Mn won't let me renew till I get AZ to release hold. AZ is making me jump thru hoops.. I can't drive in Mn.. is this legal for AZ, I was done years ago don't owe them money nothing. AZ is refusing to release me
Yes this is very common. You need to satisfy all AZ requirements if you ever have hope of getting a license in MN or...
I had a dui over a year ago. What do I need to do. They want to keep my car
You need to consult with an attorney ASAP to discuss your rights and the circumstances of your case.
Just asking for a friend. What court do they answer too, Colorado or Minnesota will there be penalties in both states Thank you
The criminal case will be prosecuted in Minnesota. Both states will likely take action against your friend's driver's...
When I got pulled over the cop filled under my criminal record a danger weapon. He filled a danger weapon because I had in my trunk I steel knuckles he ask me before checking my drunk but I didn't remember I had those knuckles in my trunk. There's no way I can get that "danger weapon" taken away from my records.
You should consult with a lawyer about this. There are many questions that we'd need answered. Like were you charged...
Plead guilty to 3rd Degree DUI and was supposed to have "all programming available to me" meaning I could do EHM. I call to set it up, but they tell me I don't have authorization. Have been told to make a Motion to Modify Sentence which I did, but I haven't heard anything back, how long is it supposed to take or do I need to do something else?
Thank you for your inquiry. Having "all programming available" does not mean EHM. THat requires specific...