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On a 2 year PBJ for a DWI in Maryland, have a license renewal coming up in my state of residence Delaware. Possible outcome ?
I am on a 2 year PBJ for a DWI in Maryland that will end in Oct. 2015. I have a license renewal coming up in my state of residence (Delaware) in June. MVA had also suspended my license in Maryland for 4 months as part of same DWI case, but that suspension over now. I recently requested my Driving Record from NDR, it did not have anything on it. My concern is , if I go to renew my license in DE now, can the ongoing PBJ or past MVA license suspension in Maryland, cause any difficulties ??
PBJ's and First Offender programs are not considered adjudications or convictions, so there is no reciprocity with...
Can I legally own a firearm if I was convicted of a DWI offense relating to marijuana?
I was arrested about 5 years ago for driving under the influence of marijuana.
Yes you probably can own a firearm. Most states and the federal government have a prohibition against possession of a...
My boyfriend has a DUI and domestic violences can he get deported his already with Immigrasion.. In th
But the domestic violence was dismissed and he never hit me or anything and we got one children our son is a USA citizen
This is a question best asked of an Immigration attorney...I will switch the category for you.
What is DUI court??
My son has a DUI conviction hanging over him.His plea deal involves attending DUI court? Does this ensure no jail time ,as this is his 2nd offense.
DUI court is a new innovation in our courts. Basically, it is for second offenders and gives them a way to avoid a...
What's the manditory jail sentence for driving on a suspended license 4th offense in Delaware?
The first 3 offenses occurred in Virginia.
Interesting question. I am not licensed in Deleware or Virginia, but in California, where I am licensed, you would be...
How can someone receive 2 counts of dui, 2 counts of reck endangerment, and 2 counts of carry a concealed deadly wpn in 1 stop?
my friend was stopped in De for speeding. he had a weapon in the passenger side of his car, in plain view. he had been drinking. This was the first time he was stopped for these charges. how can he have 2 counts of each, with one stop? The gun was legally registered to him, the car was clean, and he doesn't have a criminal history{the gun was for protection when dropping a friend off in a high crime area.} he did not have a permit to conceal, but Delaware is an open carry state, which is why it was in plain view.
I am not licensed to practice law in Delaware, but in California, where I am licensed, this is very possible. The...
If you are unconscious at the scene of an accident is that legal probability for an EMT to search your vehicle
can you be charged with a DUI for driving on prescription medication if taken as prescribed
Technically, yes you can be charged with DUI for that. The theory behind it would be that you should have pulled over...