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If someone gets ARD (Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition) in Pennsylvania, does Delaware honor the 30 day suspension of license?
I need more facts. The ARD relates to a Pa offense and only affects the privilege to drive in Pa. It should not be...
I was pulled over for speeding on a Saturday morning around 1am. Officer administered field sobriety tests - counting backwards, alphabet, walk the line...etc.. I passed all of them on video. He took me back to the station did his paper work and gave me the test. I blew a .12. Is there anyway I can save my career and future. I am only 22 and this will destroy my entire 4 year degree and this golden promotion I recently acheived. I work in the D.C. area and live in Virginia. My only option seems to be a "wet reckless" or somehow find a way to drop it altogether. PLease advise.
A prosecutor is not going to reduce a second DUI unless it looks like there is a good chance of losing the case. That...
If someone gets ARD (Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition) in Pennsylvania, does Delaware honor the 30 day suspension of license? Thank you.
It may depend on what state you're licensed in. You may want to consult with a locally experienced DUI attorney and...
Hi, I have Florida's drivers license that is going to be expire in 4 days, I came to DE from WI for renewing at my uncles place. I went to a party at night and had some drinks we were cmg back around 3AM, I was driving the car there was adult and minor in the car. I was caught by state trooper in Newcastle DE area. He took my breath test for the alcohol level it was at 0.15, and took me to troop office and I was there till mrng and I spoke to judge I was charged with 5 charges above, gave me a date for court hearing. Also the Trooper gave me a Official notice and order of revocation, its my first offense. Before all this happened my plan was to go to dmv tomorrow to renew the license, what will happen if i go to DMV, or should even go? if i renew in DE will it be suspnded right after that
What an you do right now. The only thing you should be doing is finding a criminal defense attorney specializing DUI...
I have a Delaware drivers license, however I am from Maryland. It was park police and I heard if it is park police that the MVA does not suspend your license.
Most states are part of an interstate compact in which they automatically are notified if the license is suspended in...
The state trooper showed up in court and he did not tell the truth and my lawyer did nothing. My lawyer asked a witness to be there for my defense and never called him to testify and I fell he could have helped me. I lost my job. Can I appeal this decision?
Regretfully, sometimes a lawyer does not perform the way we'd expect. The best course now is for you to consult with a...
In Jan 2010, a man was drunk driving & running from police, shooting & all. He damaged all 3 of my vehicles. I had to junk one, pay for another out of pocket & my Camaro sat. His insurance wouldn't cover until they had his car- AFTER the trial, assuring me they'd cover/reimburse all my expenses. Well, they didn't & my insurance wouldn't cover the damage at that time. I still waited it out/fought with his company to no avail. It's now been 3 years & they refuse. The Detective handling the case told me to sue the driver personally for the damages. He said he has all of the documentation I will need to do so. Can I sue him? How long is the statute of limitations? It happened in city limits & I now live in Elkton MD. What are my options? Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.
Yes you can sue. I am not sure of the statue of limitations for property damage in Delaware, but in Illinois it is 5 years.