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What is DUI court??
My son has a DUI conviction hanging over him.His plea deal involves attending DUI court? Does this ensure no jail time ,as this is his 2nd offense.
DUI court is a new innovation in our courts. Basically, it is for second offenders and gives them a way to avoid a...
How can someone receive 2 counts of dui, 2 counts of reck endangerment, and 2 counts of carry a concealed deadly wpn in 1 stop?
my friend was stopped in De for speeding. he had a weapon in the passenger side of his car, in plain view. he had been drinking. This was the first time he was stopped for these charges. how can he have 2 counts of each, with one stop? The gun was legally registered to him, the car was clean, and he doesn't have a criminal history{the gun was for protection when dropping a friend off in a high crime area.} he did not have a permit to conceal, but Delaware is an open carry state, which is why it was in plain view.
I am not licensed to practice law in Delaware, but in California, where I am licensed, this is very possible. The...
If you are unconscious at the scene of an accident is that legal probability for an EMT to search your vehicle
can you be charged with a DUI for driving on prescription medication if taken as prescribed
Technically, yes you can be charged with DUI for that. The theory behind it would be that you should have pulled over...
I have been enrolled in the ARD program in PA due to a dui. I refused the BAC and received a year suspension of license in PA.
I live in DE and have a DE License. Will my license in DE be suspended?
It very will could be. Typically the states have an agreement to report license suspensions to each other. So, PA will...
I got a dui in PA. I live in DE and have a DE license. My license in PA is suspended for 14 months. Can I drive in DE?
I am in the ARD program, but lost license for 1 year due to BAC refusal
The Pennsylvania ARD program results in a dismissal if successfully completed. PA, last I checked, does not report...
When are plea bargains not offered in a DUI case
My case review is in a few weeks and I would like a general idea of what to expect. There was no accident. I blew a .247 and am only 19 I will be 2 classes from completion at time of case review
Whether or not a plea is offered depends on the circumstances of the case. The prosecutor will typically look at...
Which is better to have a judge or jury trial when being accused of DUI pleading not guilty
had minor car accident ran up on median after accidentally hitting gas pedal abruptly, hit head on steering wheel got knocked out,had a prescription for soma that was just filled in vehicle,l always put some pills in a bottle in glove box,being accused of taking the pills missing from fresh script,told cop pills were in the vehicle officer never searched,being charged with DUI because I was slurring words because of concussion,prosecution has offered plea for reckless driving, that's 6points and a fine and would have to go to rehab and it would stay on my record permanently, l am not an addict was told should take plea cause if not I'm going to jail , l do not abuse my medication l do not drink or smoke or use illegal drugs any help greatly appreciated
More information is needed, but a DUI conviction is far worse than the six points and a fine. What are the toxicology...