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As an illegal immigrant, what should I expect at my hearing for 6 tickets?
I got 6 tickets in one night, some being -driving without a drivers license, -driving under the influence, -driving with open alcohol in the car, -lying to the officer about my age, -underaged drinking and a few more. I am an immigrant, unfortunately I haven't been successful of getting my papers. I am 20 years old and have a court hearing to attend soon. What should I expect when I attend my hearing with 6 tickets? I am not sure if my citizenship will have anything to do with these charges but I want to be prepared. Can someone please tell me what kind of things I should expect as an immigrant?
You need to be concerned because of the lying charge particularly as well as the other offenses. If it is your first...
Convicted with first DWI in 2012. I have read I can get expungement of I obtained an absolute pardon?
DWI convictions in VA and expungements
Yes, in theory, it could be the subject of a Pardon, but those are not routinely granted after a finding of guilt....
I overstayed my visa for 3 months and got arrested for DUI 0.13 bond for 100 Then 2000 ice & waiting for my court day! Help! :(
I was arrested three days at the county jail because it happened on a weekend the officer that arrested told me a thousand times that he was sorry he asked the magister to right down that I behaved extremely well. Then at the ice they were really! Nice! They gave me a 2000 bond without the bracelet that by the way I asked them not to use it on me. I have a bf & we were supposed to get married we were not expecting this to happen we were watching possibilities because his house it's from his parents and needed to find out more about that. The immigration officer gave me his # he was so nice and told me that I might get a date for January or the end of the year. I'm so scare though! What are my chances??? Plz help!
Your chances should be discussed with an immigration attorney. Speak with and retain one as soon as possible.
Can you ask someone to write a letter about your character, but not tell them that it is for a DUI? Will they be called by court
to verify letter?
If you have been charged with a DUI here in Virginia, you really need to hire an attorney. This is a serious charge...
Why am I receiving a letter from my ASAP probation officer if it's been almost 2 years since my conviction??
I recieved a 2nd DUI almost 2 years ago. I lost my Liscense for 3 years and I was ordered to do ASAP an additional counseling. I completed all the requirements and finished everything just fine. I have now recieved a letter from my ASAP probation officer stating that I have to come in for a monitoring meeting. Now if my probation was only a year then why am I being asked to go see her? Another problem is I revised a driving on revoked 3 weeks ago in a town about 3 hours from where i live. Can I be violated and I still on probation if I'm being called into her office?? Help I'm worried and scared as I thought I was only on probation for a year.
ASAP probation is not concluded when you complete the classes. DOS can certainly be a violation, so you should...
DUI conviction allow to get citizenship
I got first dui since i am driving Inever did any mistake before. Can i apply for a U.S. citizenship? Is any problem to get citizenship? My current status is green card holder( more than five years) Is any one can give answer?
How long ago was your DUI? If you can show "good moral character" for the last five years and are otherwise eligible...
I had a DWI conviction on a plea deal in prince William county in 2012 and fulfilled the sentence
My job at risk my reputation is questioned. Is there I way I can still fight it knowing that the officer stopped for stopping at a green light wanting to turn but changed my mind, there was no video recordings on a dashboard to release by police.he mentioned I was straddling lanes which never happened, my friend as a passanger witnessed it. No accidents no injuries happened
No. You pled guilty. The time to worry about your reputation was before trial when considering the plea agreement and jail.