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I was pulled over recently for no seat belt and got a DUI for weed. I had the substance and paraphernalia in my possession. He said I was hesitating so that's why he suspected I was high. He wrote on the citation he smelled it coming from the car. I hadn't smoked it in the car but I had smoked about an hour prior to driving. I got 4 citations. DUI, Paraphernalia, Posession of shedule VI (weed), and no seat belt. I agreed to have blood drawn. It was a state trooper that pulled me over, and he said that it would be pointless for me to get a lawyer. Would getting a lawyer help me out some how?
Get a lawyer unless you want to just eat a DUI without any challenge. Never take legal advice from a cop.
I spent the night at a friends house and we were drinking and we went walking at 1:30a.m. We got stopped by Greenbrier PD. The officers never read us our Miranda Rights. Whenever you get arrested the Police Officers have to read you your rights correct? Will this be on my permanent record? How much are the fines for both charges? And this being my first offense would they drop the charges? When the Officers gave us a breathalizer at the police station it read 0.0 would they drop the charges since I passed it?
You may loose your licenses. How old are you? I assume your under 18 since the curfew violation. As such, had to say...
I owe $1200 in court cost to one county.In order to see the judge to request a restricted hardship I must pay all costs first then is there any guarantee I will then be eligible thru the state of TN dept of safety to then get the restricted hardship license?
You should consult with a DUI/DWI attorney from Tenn for your answer.
I was sitting at a store i do buiness at my head lights going on and off waiting on my duaghter car running headlights on scarded to turn them. Off storming that night i dont drink im 45 years old im disabled deformed left foo cancer a citizen called n possible dui police came put me through a field subridey test told them cant pass it serval times took me to hosipol dru blood took me jail charged with dui n 12 hour in jail court april 20..2015 never ben in trouble 1st dui how can they get away with this...store ower had no problem with me there i need help please im on disable barle living i stay home 3 weeks out of a month....
You need to ask for a court appointed attorney. If you were not intoxicated, there is no way that you should stand for...
I planned on walking the few miles to my destination after having a few drinks at a restaurant when I left I was jumped and beaten outside I got away from my attackers and tried to get to Vanderbilt in my vehicle. I had a broken nose staples in my head and fractured neck. The officer said I failed the field sobriety test. I had head trauma and a broken nose how could he come to that conclusion
Given these facts I think you would have a good chance. You need to contact attorney as soon as possible
My son was out celebrating valentines day with his wife, they had an alternation, he left and went to a bar, he was there less than 5 mins, the police pulled him out of the bar and charged him with DWI. They asked him if he drove to the bar. He said "Yes." Then they arrested him.
The state must prove he was intoxicated while he was operating the vehicle. If they can prove that, it doesn't matter...
Usually a person's court date is 2 months after the arrest of a dui and most of the time they say the results aren't back yet but that person is already prepared to plea so they go ahead to get it over with. However that person doesn't have the experience or knowledge of drug & alcohol testing and does not know what kind of drugs show up, etc. and automatically assume the worst! When in reality there was nothing in their system and they just could not pass the sobriety test.
As a practical matter, I think it is of importance to consider how long ago you pleaded guilty to the DUI. If it was...