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Can a police office call you to come down from your porch then give you a breathalyzer then arrest for public intocication
I was at a bar with my wife two guys jumped me I went to the hospital when I came home I went back to the parking lot to look for my lost chain the bar is two blocks from my house on the way home a cop pulled beside me at the corner of my house asked where I was goin I said home he drove off I got home was sitting on my porch the officer pulled up asked me to come here I came down off my porch he said breath into this gave me a breathalyzer then arrested me for public intoxication
There needs to be some more facts. I would suggest that you contact and talk with an attorney to go over your options...
Plea Agreements in DUI arrests
Are plea agreements to reduce the chargers from a DUI arrest to a dry or wet reckless driving charge common or rare in the City of Philadelphia? I know that it depends on the case but I have read a few articles that mention the high workload of the DA office in major cities like Philly. These articles mention the use of plea agreements to reduce the workload.
DUIs are treated seriously here in Philadelphia, as in any county in PA. With the exception of first offense, very low...
If you recieve a DUI in PA and 3 weeks before you officially get charged can you get a license in another state?
Will they correspond with each other even tho its before your charged?
Your question appears to state that if you get charged with a DUI in one State (PA), can you get a license in another...
How much will dui under controlled substance affect employment?
I was charged with a dui under controlled substance a few months back in PA. I do qualify for the ARD program but I have to wait a long time before it's expunged. My question is how will it look to an employer in the time being? Is it as bad as let's say simple possession or possession with intent to sell? For all an employer know it could have been an over the counter drug in my case. I feel like my charge is a little more spinnable than the others. In my case it will never be a conviction if I complete the program. 1) How much do you think it will affect me in the next year? 2) Should I disclose it and make some lie about it being a prescription drug?
Let me preface this answer by saying that I do not practice in PA, so I do not know of the program to which you are...
Is it impossible to get cdl back in PA after having two DUI? Even if police officer was fired months later
Even if police officer was fired for cheating scandel
As most persons who hold a CDL know, a first time conviction or ARD for DUI results in a 1 year suspension of the CDL...
What are my chances of getting on to Ard program in PA?
I have a dui under controlled substance in pa. It's my first dui offense. My lawyer put the Ard application in but I am a nervous wreck waiting for the decision. They found thc in my system along with a 1.8 BAC. I was arrested for simple possession a while ago but I acted as a confidential informant and plead to a Summary Disorderly Conduct. I have no misdameanor or felony convictions on my record. I know one factor in order to qualify for Ard is you can't have a criminal record. 1) Can you clarify exactly what the prerequisite means for the ard program in terms of prior criminal record or prior dispisition? 2) How much do you think the dismissed possession charge (which was expunged) will affect me getting onto ard? 3) What percentage chance would you give me of getting on to ard?
The simplest way to answer your question is to refer you to your attorney who is in the best situation to answer your...
My boyfriend is currently in camp hill for a 3rd dui in less then 5 years. He gets sentenced next week. How much time can he g
he has a 16 BAC and threatened the arresting officer but they dropped that charge. The current lawyer Is not helpful and when I call him he doesn't get back to me. My boyfriend didn't even know the date and time he was going up in front of the judge and he won't have his lawyer because he cannot contact him because he needs to be approved which takes weeks. So where do I go from here get another attorney?
As a preliminary matter a 3rd offense in 10 years carries with it a 1 year mandatory jail sentence. Importantly, just...