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Arrested for DUI 10/25, and having no alcohol or intoxicating substances in me-how do I shoot for reckless driving
I have multiple medical issues and having not had ANY real sleep for five days prior to this incident, I did look tired-because I was. Was I drunk/intoxicated?-No, but I did look very tired. A good Samaritan observed me swerving(but did NOT observe the car that cut me off) and called the police saying he spotted a "drunk driver" I REQUESTED multiple breathalyzer tests and due to my physical deformities, canNOT stand on1 leg at ANY time.
You need to hire a lawyer asap! They will be your best chance to get the case reduced or completely dismissed. There...
What do I do if police report contains lies and inconsistancies and feel I was not given chance to prove my innocence? DUI, FL.
I had not been drinking or using drugs. After being arrested for DUI in Florida I blew 0.00, 0.00 and had no problem taking requested urine test. Was briefly told about implied consent. I was given 3 minutes tops to give sample. Requested water twice. Persistently said I do not refuse. That I would not sign anything saying I refused. Police report contains a made up scenario making it seem like I flat out refused. Report also says I was sweating excessively and eyes were too squinty to tell if they were red or watery. I have no ac, have always been an excessive sweater, and have hot air blowing up from under dash. Congenital Ptosis in both eyes which causes drooping, which I told officer. I am more than 60lbs overweight. I don't have a lot of money. Thank you.
The facts appear to be in your favor. Do you know whether your stop, arrest and was on video? Often, a good video can...
Got a dui for the second time 10 years later what are my fines
got a second dui 10 years later what are my fines and a ticket for leaving the scene of accident property damage
Your fines and fees can vary based on several factors. Did you take a breath test and if so, was the result over a 0....
Can NJ suspend my florida drivers license in 2013 for a dui in 1987
payments were payed for over a year. over 6000.00 was owed. 2300. left. they stopped collecting now are threatening to suspend my license again?? said they could not contact me. They never contacted me by mail or phone now the collection agency are the people who contacted me said the state pulled my account from them. NJ is so hard to reach being in Florida. have lived in Florida 25 years driving with a florida license,
6000 was owed to who? And for what?
My question is I live in florida and received 3rd Dui within 10 years (the breathalyzer was a 1.2) and I was ready to get into
the SSS program which they denied me and then I had to appeal this and then they denied me again now I have to petition for a writ of certiorari with the court- I have 2 questions -should I hire a lawyer for this and what kind. And I have been reading up on this and it says that most of the time judges do not except the writ and goes against your petition .
You most certainly should have a criminal defense attorney to handle the 3rd DUI. The 3rd DUI within 10 years is a...
My question is -I have to do a petition of writ of certiorari for a drivers license and was wondering what type of lawyer
will be able to help me- I have called 2 lawyers and they never heard of this. This is in florida and have to follow the procedures specified in section 322.31FS
You want to look for an appellate lawyer. A writ of certiorari is kind of like an appeal. www.BryceFetter.com
I have a question and I hope you can answer this for me. I have received my 3rd dui within 10 years
and did all that was asked of me by the court and signed up for the Special Supervision program and was denied now I am trying to appeal this -do you recommend I get a lawyer and can a lawyer help me with this- they denied me for internalized distortion of self disclosure and pattern of non compliance with social norms and laws - I would appreciate any information you can offer- Thank you
You should consult with an attorney in your area that specializes in DUIs and Driver's License cases. Based on your...