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I tested dirty for my 2nd dui with 4 weeks left? Will I go to jail?
I have everything paid and done. House arrest,fees etc done. I tested dirty and bailed out my new court date is a week after I complete my classes. Can the judge give me 180 days suspended sentence although I have completed the pogram?
It sounds like you violated the terms of you sentence, so yes the judge could send you to jail. Speak with your...
If I passed FBI check to be a teacher in AZ do I need to disclose DUI received in 1988
I am applying to be a substitute teacher in AZ 1988 I had a DUI, I have passed FBI background check and now I am applying for work in a certain School district. the have asked have I ever had a DUI. Do I need to Disclose this
You need to answer all of the prospective employer district's questions fully and honestly. The truth will come out as...
I recieved a minor in consumption, I'm just wondering what options I have so I can maintain my license without any suspensions
I'm 20 years old, I blew a .04, and I need to keep my license to keep my job and continue to attend school
You need to hire a DUI attorney in the area. Do hire the cheapest attorney, get the best one you can afford. There...
Is having a dui lawyer worth it cost. what is the average cost. Is taking a blood test worst than taking the breathalyzer
very tired worked 16+ hours, had not eatten all day, went to have dinner with friends, consummed three alabama slinger, felt further exhausted, felt the need to go home. ...Fell asleep at a light, put car in park. Paramedics tapped on window, asked if it were okay to take vitals, they did. Then they contacted the police, they ran a breathalyzer then hauled off to county detention center.
There are too many facts that should be considered in exploring defenses in your case. However, you should always...
I got a DUI with pot, will I be drug tested after my court appearance?
A DUI with pot cookies. Was pulled over for speeding originally.pled not guilty at my hearing.
You should not be tested at the hearing. However if you get put on probation you may have to submit to drug testing. I...
I was arrested for 3rd dui or above in the state of nevada, but have an az drivers license, i have two questions 1. the court at
I was arrested for 3rd dui or above in the state of nevada, but have an az drivers license, i have two questions 1. the court at my arraingment did not know what to charge me with, but set my court date for 6/14/12, How do I find out the D.A assigned to my case and 2. can I still drive to work on my az license?
You can call the DA's office to find out who the prosecutor is but they may not have assigned it yet. As far as your...
I have a warrant for not paying fines for dui. can i serve my fines as jail time?
I live in reno nevada. and i moved here from washington in august. i recently lost my job and have no car or friends and family here and am losing my housing and need to move back to washington but i still owe 1400 in fines and about 75 hours of community service here. since i can't pay or finish my community service can i get it converted to jail time and just get it over with?
It will be up to the judge who sentenced you. You will need to go back to court and ask for that. It may be helpful...