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If I was cited for speeding, but was told my license will be suspended for a year, am I being charged with speeding or DUI?
Last week I was pulled over for speeding on the freeway. When the officer came up to the car, he told me to get out of the car because he smelled alcohol. I did admit to drinking beer at a friend's house an hour before driving. I am only 19 years old so he told me I could not refuse a breathalyzer test. After that, my car got towed, and he issued me a citation for speeding and told it me was not a DUI since I did not blow over .08, but however because I'm under 21 he informed me that my license would be suspended for a year and gave me a temporary license.
Very odd. The officer told you quite a few things that are just plain wrong or that you possibly misunderstood. If...
Can I bypass the SR22 insurance if I stop driving for certain amount of years?
My friend got a DUI like 6 years ago and he stopped driving. Does he need to get the SR22 insurance if he ever decides to get his license back down the road?
DMV CA will give you the definitive answer... (but it will be that you must have the SR22 on file with DMV for 3...
My dad has araignment tomorrow for DUI resulting in bodily harm to a motorcyclist. He has had mental problems in the past.
His bac was .08 and he left the scene unaware he hit someone. Does he plea guilty non guilty or not guilty to to mental illness or insanity
Your father should plead not guilty. He is facing serious charges. Is your father represented by an attorney. If not,...
I sold beer to minordid
I sold beer to minor. I did it unknowingly I am serious in this issue and also my behavior and culture doesn't allow me to do that ..but at that time I was destructed I was not feeling okay. I made a mistake ...I just want to know that its a criminal (misdemeanor or felony ) . I am given citation What will be the penalty and also how the issue affect my record I am very much concerned. Thank you !!!
If it was a "Sting" operation and you received a citation you need to appear for a Misdemeanor offense. It will not be...
Is it likely I have a warrant?
I have been attending my first offender dui class in california. I was ordered by the judge to enroll within 30 days and the week I scheduled my appointment with the program pushed me to 31 days. Is it likely i have a warrant?
You should check with the court
I was arrested for DUI in California I have a colorado drivers license and did not recive a temporary license call DMV?
This is my first offence first traffic offence since 2004 I'm finding a lot of different feed back on this situation from just doing a Google search can anyone help me? I am planing on hiring a lawyer
Yes, do call the DMV to reserve a hearing here in CA. The DMV will assign your driving privilege at issue an "x number"...
Would a pending misdemeanor DUI charge jeopardize U visa adjustment application?
Before the U visa approval in Aug. 2011, I had a Disorderly Conduct conviction, a violation, under New York Penal Law 240.20 in 2009; I don't have any other negative issues like EWI or Unlawful Presence. I must apply for U Adjustment before Aug. 2015, would the pending DUI case seriously impact my adjustment application? The DUI arrest occurred in Oct. 2012, but the case is still pending, and DA offers Wet Reckless.
Lawyer up with an immigration attorney! Avvo has many here that offer free consultation! Just search and call one! A...