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How many times can the state fail to file in time on a dui case
District attorney failed to file in time. The judge closed the case and was told to call back for the 3rd time now to see if they will file
You need to talk to a local attorney. This is a specific question. Search for a local attorney, here on
My daughter's dad, has a drinking problem. I do not want him driving with her, especially if he has had a DUI, or suspended DL
I turned him in, when he picked her up, and looked and smelled intoxicated.
It is good you are concerned for your daughter's safety. Do you have a question to ask?
Dui about 9yrs ago pled guilty was to do classes, pay fees i didnt now live out of state want to fix it from where i live, how?
i was 19 when i got the under age dui in riverside california, i am now 28 and live in utah i had payed and enrolled in the classes but did not show up and only did 2 of i think 7 days of community service the judge reinstated me 3 times as i failed to complete my requierments how can i fix this???
Contact a ca lawyer, complete everything again or show proof of completion.
So I got a ticket 3 years ago for underage drinking. I haven't paid it yet because of personal life reasons.
The reason being is I've Gotten married and had a son all within that time so life is a bit crazy and it sadly enough kept slipping my mind. But I've went to court got issued 300$ fine plus 2 days community service but I didn't do either. And now I have a $1500 bail. I was wondering if I just pay that entirely would there still be any consequences or will that wipe me clean of all of this. Like including ticket and all or is the bail a separate payment?
You need to go to the court where you received the fine and community service to clear this matter up. The reason for...
Young man was deported due to DUI. He was brought into the country at the age of 8. by mother. was recently kidnapped in Mexico
If he is returned, how can mother bring him back. Mother is in the process of becoming a resident.
There isn't enough information to properly asses the case. If the mother is in the process of becoming a resident...
Would like to take care of an old dui warrant
I have a 6 year old warrant in Utah for 2nd dui. I appeared in court and sentencing, but did not fullfill my terms of probation(classes,fines). I would like to take care of it asap, not sure if a lawyer is beneficial or just turn myself in?. All help is appreciated.
I would suggest that a lawyer might keep you out of custody- they will be able to allay some of the court's...
On probation for a DUI; does Salt Lake AP&P administer ETG Alcohol Urinalysis, or just random breathalyzers?
I was represented by a public defender and entered a plea to a DUI. The Court gave me community service instead of jail, but also put me on two years probation to be supervised by the Dept. of Corrections Adult Probation & Parole. Court also ordered no alcohol. I have my first meeting with my probation officer on Thursday, and am wondering if AP&P does ETG urinalysis to test for alcohol consumption. I called my public defender and he said he withdrew after the sentencing and couldn't tell me. Wondering if anyone knows whether AP&P does ETG testing for court-ordered probation. Thanks.
If you have a condition of no alcohol while you are on probation, then you can bet your probation officer will either...