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when after I'm eligible for my licence back.. can I get a another license without restrictions in like new Hampshire?
You will need to get fully valid in Massachusetts before any other state will grant you a license. If you have a "no...
if I apply for a license out of state?
You need to consult an attorney in the state you plan on moving to. Re-post this question in that states forum....
I was at a level of .08 after the third road side test the officer made me do. I understand this is the min. and it is still considered intoxicated in law. However, I need my license for my daughter, work, and school. The officer had told me if I were to take this road test I could go if I passed, yet made me take it three times. At the station I refused the test there, for fear of losing any financial aid for my school, is this going to look bad in court?
Refusal is never good as the license consequences are harsh. You should contact an attorney to help you through this....
I am not sure if I should go to trial or try to get the cwof. Has anyone ever beaten a case where the client was reportedly weaving? Also, I had not taken a breathalyzer at the station so there is no proof of alcohol.Also this is my first offense of anything, I have no record.
This is a question you should consult your attorney about. If you don't have one you should get. This may be a good...
I did not take the breathalyzer. I did take one at the site and it was a 0.8.
Although your offenses were 27 and 19 years ago, Massachusetts has a "lifetime lookback" law. Most District Attorney's...
I am on probation with random drug & alcohol screening. My color (the method of randomization) hasn't been called yet, so I haven't gone for my first screening yet. I was not informed that this would be part of the test panel. I have been doing some research and have found that I could test positive for incidental alcohol contact- hand sanitizer, cold medicine, gasoline, etc. I'm concerned that if this is sprung on me I won't pass. Would my probation officer have to inform me of the test, as well as advise me to stay away from incidental exposure or could this test be sprung on me? What is my recourse if I test positive from incidental exposure?
You can be tested for alcohol if your probation contract says you cannot consume alcohol. Hand sanitizer and cold...
I was fired for causing a hostile environment 2 days after I sent my boss a email saying I was working in a hostile environment
You stated no facts that support your opinion of a hostile environment.