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nine months ago I got charged with possession of cds and paraphernalia, I was court ordered to a six month inpatient rehab. i got to keep my children and have them there with me, I earned certificates and completed . They put me on a three year deferred sentence and D.A supervision, i have maintained sobriety as im building a new life for me and my children. on jan 1st I was driving home from visiting family when i hydroplaned due to the icy road and snow . someone driving by came to our help but instead of call 911 at the scene of the accident they dropped us off at my parents a few miles away. i had a head concussion and cannot remember anything after we crashed, the police came to my parents house an hour later and arrested me, I would never put my kids in danger and i am scared.
Don't talk to law enforcement again, about anything, without seeing and retaining counsel first. If you lack the means...
i was told to take a breathalyzer, but not sure if the video is still available at the police station to show and hear the officer tell me i had to.
IF you have already been convicted, the court will not look at new evidence now. Did you have a lawyer when you were...
Any time within a couple of years from original date of offense.
My son got a DUI in 04/13 and signed a plea agreement. His attorney was also his boss at a restaurant. He closed the business without paying my son which started an avalanche of financial problems, then he didn't show up at his hearing. He wasn't offered a public defender, even though he was unemployed, and for the most part homeless. He didn't know what to do, but he's been told if he puts myself on the docket they will put him in jail. A bench warrant has been issued. My son has been diagnosed with a mental illness, and he wasn't taking his medication when he signed the plea deal. This has sent him into a spiral and he makes his living with his car, so this has truly devastated his life.
Your son should engage counsel prior to surrendering on the warrant.
I said no to a breathalyzer (dumb on my behalf), bad tribal knowledge led me to that decision. At the police station I read a card that stated that I would lose my license for 6 months, I was okay with that. I don't remember reading anything about an interlock for an additional 18 months after the 6 month suspension or I probably would have complied. In any case, I don't plan on being in Oklahoma these full 2 years. I know the revocation will be recognized but I can't find any information regarding this Erin Swezey Act.
If you have a suspended OK DR then you will not be able to obtain a TX DL until you can show you are cleared in OK.
My 6 months is up next week for dui apc suspended drivers license, i need 3 things assessment, interlock, and reinstatement fee. The interlock is all i need but dont have a vehicle how can i get my license back without one?
You will be taking copies of your assessment and class completions to DPS driver compliance. The compliance officer...
The truck was totaled and her pets were inside. This was her husbands vehicle and all she had left of him. She about passed out when she came out of the bank to find her truck on its lid! She said she wished she had been in it. She has been thru hell. Her dog was injured also. Is she entitled to more than just blue book on the truck and vet bills? Im wondering about compensation for the mental distress she is under. So worried about her... just not fair what she's been thru. Thank you
If vehicle is totaled, fair market value, which is not the same as blue book, reimbursement of tag and tax on a pro...