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About 3 years ago I was in college and accumulated 3driving tickets....2 were from car accidents. I was unable to pay them because my car was totaled and I had no way of getting yo court and I didn't want to burden my parents. I was stopped for swerving in nc where I was in college 3 years ago and given a ticket to appear in court with paid tickets. I didn't have the moneyvtobpay the tickets soi didn't appear in court. Ive been living in nyc because i fony have to drive here. What can I do to get my license reinstated?
First, you will have to deal with those old tickets you never paid. Follow up on those and call the driving license...
2 dwi's. No license prior to those
You will have to have a hearing with the DMV to seek a conditional reinstatement. When you were convicted of the...
I am on probation for a dwi, I was recently incarcerated for nine months on a different charge. The different charge I was given ninety days, for which I got time served, but I have done six more months then I should have. My PO was told not to violate while I was incarcerated, so now I find myself in violation. Is there anyway I could have the six months go for my active sentence and be done with probation altogether? Any help would be great, I'm having trouble finding anything to help me. Thank you and have a great day.
Generally no. If you were incarcerated on another charge, and were not serving time on this charge, they will not go...
i have a kidnapping and 10 pounds of marijuana charge in texas and i have the two dui's here and i was wondering whether i will go back to jail.
Ultimately that is a question that Texas will have to answer. But if your probation conditions are similar to the ones...
I had been at christmas party and knew that I had too much to drink, so I spent the night. Upon getting up I got an "emergency" call out to work (It was a sunday). I ate some breakfast before leaving and was headed to the house to get cleaned up and go to work. I was following a car in a 60 mph zone and when they braked, I went into the passing lane to avoid them. I then saw the officer that they braked for. I immediatly slowed down and got over into the right hand lane and was pulled for going 79 in a 60. The officer said he smelled alcohol and asked if I had been drinking. I was given a pocket breath tester, then brought to the station where I blew again. I blew, then breathalizer needed to recalibrate so I was then given a fst, then I blew a 12. Is there a chance to have this reduced?
I would save the evidence and the story you tell work against you. Hire counsel. Perhaps negotiations......
Had a dwi about 9 years ago
If you have an attorney on your case, you should definitely discuss this with them. If not, you should consider hiring...
Had the ADETS assessment and took the 20 hour class, but now GA told me on the phone I need "Clinical treatment"?..Is this the same as the ADETS and ADETS says I need to get a driving record from GA since this is where the violation took place. GA says since my last licensing was in CA that I need a CA driving record, even though it didnt occur in CA., it occured in GA!..I thought the ADETS assessment and completion was all I needed but they list "Clinical treatment" as a separate requirement. Im so confused!
I would contact a GA DUI attorney. You can order your CA driving record by going to the CA DMV website.