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I was arrested for DUI in California June 2014, blew zero, but stilL arrested, they did not pursue the case but have a year
When filling out a job application do I still have charges pending? I know I am not convicted, but wasn't sure if "charges" are pending till the one year date. I was suspected of drug use due to dilated pupils and blood was drawn, but I know I had not used any drugs.
Charges would be pending if the prosecutor actually started the criminal court process by filing a criminal complaint...
What does It mean when an officer is holding on to my drivers license
Officer is holding on to my license I blew .6 I'm 20 bday 6694 officer gave me citation follow up in court next month can I still drive he didn't tell me I couldn't drive the days after the incident I need to go to work etc
You're under 21. You can't drive with any alcohol in your system. As a driver in California, you are subject to what is...
So my question is can I drive even though an officer is holding my license
So I got pulled over last night had a little bit to drink I was turning left at a cross intersection its about 11:00 pm traffic was light it was night visibility clear I kinda burned out while I was turning 3 min after I have lights flashing got pulled over officer asks me do you know why im pulling you over I said yes because how I took that corner he asks for license registration and insurance didn't have my insurance card on me at time I ask him if there's anyway way we can look that up says yes asks if I had anything to drink I said no (obviously I did had started drinking a little wine but did not impair my ability to drive or my eyesite/ mind too ) so he then tells me ok follow my fingers with my eyes I did so he then asks me to blow in the breathalayzer blew .6 held my license,noDUI
You are required to a drivers license while driving or you can be cited for driving without a drivers license, usually...
If I read a letter of a apology to the judge on a DUI in court would it make a difference one way or the other?
I will plea guilty. Some say they do not care how sorry you are that the fines and penalties are written in stone. I had a DUI in 1993. This one my BAC was .11/.10/.09 Thanks for your help
You have posted numerous times about your dui. Do yourself a favor and ask for the public defenders office to be...
I can not afford a attorney and I make too much money for a PD. I will plead guilty on my first DUI ( I had one in 1993}
What will my fines and penlites be? My BAC was .11/.10/.09
Don't be dumb those are winnable numbers. Hire an experienced attorney.
I have a suspended license in california. Can I get my car register and smogged if someone else drive it to the garage?
My car need to renew its tags, But I have a suspended license. Can someone else drive it to get smogged? I have insurance in date.
Yes, they can get it smogged and registered as long as there hasn't been any recent transfer of ownership. You...
How do i get a interlock on a suspended license in CA?
I need to get a interlock but my license is suspended for 6 months. What do I do?
Contact the DMV and find out if you are eligible. There are several authorized IID manufacturers and then authorized...