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My bf has a drug problem & drives around in his vehicle using & driving under the influence. Recently he has made several suicide comments. When he got home yesterday I went to my parents house & called the cops because he was high & had made a suicidal comment earlier. The cops took him to the local hospital. They were going to discharge him but I went there & showed them several saved suicide texts & they kept him & transferred him to another hospital for evaluation. They talked to me then to him and decided to commit him because he was denying everything, even after the drug test came back positive. I later went on fb & inboxed a friend of ours & told her what happened. I also inboxed a friend of his that was calling me psychic & I told her I'm not this is eve what happened
have him close his 401K, annuity or fedility investment accounts in order to receive present and Arrears alimony. If I take him to court would he be responsible for the attorney fee's and can the judge order him to withdrawl his money from any retirement accounts, 401k etc...I haven't worked in 25yrs and I'm having trouble finding a job and looking to go back to school...can anyone help.
If he has legitimately lost his employment, it is unlikely that the court will take any drastic action in enforcement...
I know for PA this is considered a 2nd offense out of state. In NJ, is this a first offense or second offense?
It will be considered a second offense DUI/DWI
I got a DUI in the middle of 2013, and i want to apply for citizenship now. Will my DUI be grounds for denial? I have paid the ticket and went to IDRC class, but my license will be suspended for another 2 months. and should i send any documents from the DUI with my application and if any which?
that conviction should not be a problem
I believe I can prove FL residency. I know I'll have to surrender my NJ license.
You can certainly get try; however, its only a matter of time until Florida learns about your NJ suspension and takes...
I was going with the flow of traffic and he pullls me over asks why i was pulled over than asks if i been drinking, I told him i had a few beers but it was way back since by friend was emitted to the ER for food poisoning i was at the hospital for a good amount of time, The plan was to stay hotel already booked but my friends discomfort was unbearable so we attempted to leave. As im doing the sobriety test i lost balance in the start when i lifted my first leg up since i did it so sudden but i walked the line fine front and back recited the alphabet and thats all he put me in the back brought me to the station, Then he read me my rights and gave me a breathalyzer test twice, he told me i blew a .11 i was shocked could my brushin of teeth change the machine results so dramatically
You didn't ask a question. I suggest you consult with a lawyer to discuss the details of your case and what defenses...
Moving to Georgia but don't know if I'm able to obtain a drivers license
I do not think so. You need to get the Ga. license before you are suspended. Ga. may not suspend your Ga. license.