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1.. Can i get enrolled in the First Conviction Program right away? If so what do i need to do 2. A bunch of attorney are telling me i have to pay to subpoena the officer to the DMV hearing. How much to have the officer testify at the DMV hearing? 3. What exactly is an SR22? Should i tell my insurance company?
An experienced criminal defense attorney can help you evaluate the prosecution's case, any defenses that you might have,...
I was convicted of 23152(b) 10/17/13, and was given the 9 month DUIP due to BAC, and license suspended for 10 months first offence. I have a restricted license for Work and DUI related activities/requirements. I finish the DUI Program in June. I've maintained an SR-22 and valid car insurance. Haven't drank since the arrest. Is there a way to end the suspension early? Maybe I'm thinking too far fetched, but petition the DMV as one would do to end probation early?? If I'm able to it would be the safety office correct? Thank you.
Unfortunately no. The restriction term us not reducable like a probation term in court
I had just got off work (brewery) I had an 8 oz glass of beer an hour before work ended and went to my car and had a crushed windshield. I was alone in parking lot in a very dark and secluded area and thought it best to just try and drive home. My bad judgement was not driving under the influence but driving with s broken windshield. I came upon a check point and upon entering hit a cone because there were three lanes merging and I could properly see out my window. The officers found two month old coors light cans. I was arrested. I was not breathalyzed, not did they take blood. many saw when I left work I was sober, even officers commented. "We can let this one go" I was also not read my rights. Do I have any chance of getting rid of this?
You may have have a defensible case that can be handled prefile, or before the DA has actually issued any charges. A...
I was arrested for a 2nd DUI on 4/10/13 a 3rd on 10/23/13 and a 4th on 11/12/13. I completed 80 days inpatient alcohol rehab in a state accredited facility. Now I have been sentenced to 240 days in sober living due to the fact that I live out of the state. Since California jails are overcrowded, most inmates are serving 10% to 20% of their sentence. 20% of 240 days would be 48 days in custody. Since I have already completed 80 days of in custody rehab, shouldn't I have that credited as time served and therefore not have to do sober living? I have also completed a 4 wk Intensive Outpatient Therapy program (also state approved) and stayed sober with AA attendance cards since entering rehab. I also have numerous letters from the rehab staff and co-coordinators stating my progress.
Rehab is only credited if agreed to by judge or DA. If you went in prior to any plea agreement, they don't have to...
3/28 is when I will fulfill the 6-month suspension for first time DUI offense. Because there has been some miscommunication, my SR 22 got cancelled all of a sudden and DMV asked me for proof or else my license will be suspended by 3/28. So I have to turn in my SR 22 paper work to DMV before 3/28. Therefore I would like to turn in my SR 22 paper work and file the reinstatement on 3/27 so that I won't have to go back to DMV again on 3/28. Will DMV let me do that?
In my experience the DMV will not let you file the reinstatement until 3/28.
My charges are DUI (2nd in 7 years) and driving on a 2-week expired License. I have since paid and renewed my license. Does my ability to present paperwork to the court/judge depend on whether I have a hired lawyer or public defender? And more importantly what sort of documents help? - Proof of renewed license - Documents showing I'm a part-time student - Documents showing I have a job - Would attending AA meetings and having an AA sheet signed help? The officers confiscated Marijuana on me but I am not being charged. I assume the judge will know about the marijuana, my 1st DUI 13 years ago when I was a minor and my (Assuming) high BAC level. Although the arrest occurred because of a traffic accident (no damage reported), I don't think I have much of a case (High BAC).
You may just want to bring all your paperwork to show and tell, in hopes that either (or both) the DA and Judge will...
our buddys and i where at a party and we decided to leave so we got on the freeway then the car starting running out of gas he pulled over to the side of the freeway so that he wouldnt cause an accident he told us to wait it the car since we where all drunk thsi guy was taking a really long time so i grew really tired it was around 5am so i got out the back seat and sat on the drivers seat so i can recline the seat and get some rest in the mean time then this cop parked behind us all the windows where closed he came thru the passengers side and knocked on the window so i put the key in the ignition to roll the windows down he then said whats going on i told him we had ranned out of gas and that i had phoned my sister to bring us gas .they did me the blowing test they charged me with dui
If you cannot afford a private attorney, you have the right to have the public defender represent you, and the court...