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I was pulled over for a headlight, was sober but cops smelled marijuana on just my jacket. searched car, didn't find anything and while waiting for a female personal to search my person randomly started asking questions about alcohol. I stated multiple times that I had nothing to drink but they arrested me and at the station, I initially refused the test because I didn't understand how I failed the SFST than less than 2 mins changed my mind but the officer said because I signed the form I couldn't change my mind. They then charged me with everything under the DUI/DWI "bracket" (about 6 charges) saying he had to because I refused.
Refusing to take a breath test carries Motor Vehicle Administrative Penalties, and is admissible by the State in Court....
Convicted of DUI on March 13. 1st DUI. Currently on informal probation: Keep a SR-22, Insurance, and submit to breathalyzer when ask by law enforcement., and of course 0 Alcohol tolerance while driving . I'm visiting family in Maryland and Florida for few days and I was wondering if I can drive as long as I follow my probation terms?
You need to consult with an attorney who handles these kinds of cases. S/he can guide you through the process.
My dui was dismissed because the officer didn't show and i wanted to take it off my record
Information about expungement is available at The entry of nolle prosequi should be expungable...
I had a dui that was dismissed where i blew a 0.1 and went to the 12 hour program and then yesterday I was at a party where the cops brethalyzed everyone and I blew a 0.02. I was given a citation for drinking under the influence. Will I go to jail because this is a second time being caught with alcohol?
It sounds like you were given a civil citation for underage drinking which is not a criminal offense and does not carry...
I have already requested the hearing 2 days after incident. I would like to keep my license for work most importantly. My was BAC .10
No, you do not necessarily "need" a lawyer at an administrative hearing, but having one is generally a good idea. Some...
First DUI in NJ in 2006 at age 18 - BAC .06 Second DUI 2013 at age 25 - BAC .10 - pulled over for doing 55 mph in a 40 mph zone. I am not sure what my first charge actually was, but my license was never suspended. I will be contacting my lawyer from NJ tomorrow to get the details on that incident. I am just looking to be proactive and sign up for classes that the judge may make me take. If I make the first move, I would think that would look good in his or her eyes, but I am just worried about wasting time, effort, and money on some classes when I may not be required to take them, or I am required to take another class other than the one I sign up for. Advice?
You're on the right track in trying to be proactive preparing for court with a second DUI offense. However, I think...
Background: DUI 7 years ago and recently, BAC .06 before and a .10 currently. Pulled over for speeding 55 mph in a 40 Looking into what I can do to make my situation better before court, maybe I can take a class? I read the MVA 26 week program is mandatory for BAC above .15? Or should I take it Any idea how long they will suspend my license? Thank You for all the help
You should contact an attorney as soon as possible. You have a very short timeframe to request an administrative...