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An Illinois lawyer told me I face a one year suspension and a possible revocation of my license in Illinois. How does this affect my Wisconsin DL? If I get convicted what happens to my Wisconsin license.
You will have your Wisconsin DL revoked. Your DL in Wisconsin is the one that IL will revoke or suspend.
What do I need to do to get a permit in Illinois as I work there? I saw the paperwork to get an occupational permit for Wisconsin, I am pretty sure that wont fly in Illinois. I've had another DUI in Illinois that went to a supervision over 8 years ago and two dismissals (recently) as well in Illinois. I would have to get a formal hearing in Illinois for a permit. Correct?
You should consult with an attorney who has experience with traffic laws in Ill.
I was blackout drunk and only remember a vague but of police driving me home while I was trying to walk. I have a memory of breaking a window but due to the fact that there was no blood or tears in my sweatshirt I believe it was a dream which is not uncommon for me to have strange dreams. It's been apart three weeks and I haven't received a citation or anything. I was not arrested or given a ticket so I don't know if I did it or not.
If you are drinking to the point of blackout, get help for your drinking problem. You can check your contact history...
What is the Wisconsin Case Law on drawing blood? (Prior to McNeely) Can blood be drawn at a police department by a volunteer paramedic, without the supervision of a licensed Medical Doctor and there are no exigent circumstances? I was physically forced and threatened to give a blood sample and told that I would be charged with battery to an officer, If I didn't comply, because I refused to have my skin penetrated.
Your question is one that is actually asking for a far more detailed answer than is anticipated on this free site. The...
I am a good person that made a bad decision. Never been in trouble with the law and am a straight a student getting ready to graduate high school. I know this was a bad decision but am worried about how this will look on my record. Would the court take in consideration the character of the individual.
I would contact a local experienced attorney to help you.
What is the penalty for driving a vehicle in Illinois without an ignition interlock device under a Wisconsin restriction.
if your license is suspended for a dui, the sentence for the first time is 10 days jail or 30 days of swap in cook county.
I have one previous DUI in illinois 8 years ago with no other major violations besides parking tickets in illinois. My license was suspended at time of arrest for recent OWI because of those parking tickets which i was not aware of because of the recent move back to Wisconsin. I was very lucky last DUI because officer did not show up to court date which automatically give my license back. I am not so sure I will be so lucky this time. I blew a .15, they did not pull me over, i ran out of gas at a stoplight and fell asleep until cops came to me.
Illinois is going to revoke your driver's license and driving privileges here. That means that you cannot drive in...