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Arrested in my front yard for being drunk and tearing stuff up with my truck- thought it was my private property - two felonies
A year ago I got really drunk at my house jumped into my truck, in my private drive way,and tore up the lovely yard that the wife likes so much and pushed over my storage shed. Mind you no one was at the house at the time but I was arrested and charged with agrivated DUI , criminal mischief, criminal endangerment. I did all this damage then turned my truck off and waited in my yard for about 2 minutes until the police showed up. My attorney , which my wife use to work for, wasn't much help- got a plea agreement that cancelled the DUI but kept the other two which are felonies. Do you think this was handled properly? I know these small towns make up their own rules as in my case- wife and father-in-law, which I live right across the street from,influenced the police- cant be right?
Attorneys will not second guess other attorneys after the fact because they are in a better position to know your case...
Can I beat a DUI if I wasn't pulled over some one reported a I was drunk while I was parked in front of a store
Can it be dropped if the person doesn't show up to court. The police officer said my truck was started but keys wasn't in my possession or can I plead to a different charge I didn't get pulled over I got also a driving on suspended but I was parked
In most states, the prosecutor can prove a DUI if you are in actual physical control. However, these cases are...
Second DUI under the age of 21, what will most likely happen?
I was recently arrested for my second DUI. I'm under the age of 21, but older than 18. My first DUI was in the spring of 2013. I had to serve a few days in jail, take a substance abuse class, pay a fine, and do community service. What will most likely happen to me at my upcoming court date? Will it be similar as to what happened at my first one? Will it be much more severe since it's my second one in a short amount of time and I'm not old enough to legally drink? I can't have my license taken away because I need it to get to work, as I am the sole income earner in my family. Is there any way the judge won't suspend my license?
Well, your looking at possible jail time. I'm sure the court isn't going to be happy with someone who isn't old enough...
Can't secure council
I was charged with a 3rd offense DUI, I'm very confident I was illegally pulled over to begin with. After extensive research I know I have a good case, but I cannot afford private council. The public defenders office denied my application mainly citing the amount of rent I pay is "too high and there are cheaper apartments in Helena." She called it a "lifestyle chachange" and isnt considered hardship. What the hell do I do now?
Here is a link to the State Public Defender's administrative policies including their policy regarding appointment. I...
My employer did a criminal background check and it was discovered that I have an outstanding warrant from CA for DUI and FTA.
I have lived in Montana for almost 8 years now. What can I do since this is still in Pending status? Is there any way I can get these charges dismissed after all this time?
It may be possible to get the charges dismissed once they are back on the court docket- with old charges, there is...
Can a passenger be pulled out of the car and be made to take the drunk test
My daughter had a designated driver because she had two dui. The police told the driver to get out of the car then pulled my daughter out of the passenger side and told her to take the drunk test. She said no because she wasn't driving and they gave a third dui ticket and made her have a blood test. Their reasoning was that she drove the car there
The answer is yes. If the police believe, based on the totality of the circumstances, that your daughter and the...
I am I going to be in trouble for moving out of California if I have not completed my dui classes.can I have everything transfe
To a different state to complete dui classes
Not necessarily. Before you move, ask the judge in California to modify the terms of probation to do the classes...