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A year ago I got really drunk at my house jumped into my truck, in my private drive way,and tore up the lovely yard that the wife likes so much and pushed over my storage shed. Mind you no one was at the house at the time but I was arrested and charged with agrivated DUI , criminal mischief, criminal endangerment. I did all this damage then turned my truck off and waited in my yard for about 2 minutes until the police showed up. My attorney , which my wife use to work for, wasn't much help- got a plea agreement that cancelled the DUI but kept the other two which are felonies. Do you think this was handled properly? I know these small towns make up their own rules as in my case- wife and father-in-law, which I live right across the street from,influenced the police- cant be right?
Attorneys will not second guess other attorneys after the fact because they are in a better position to know your case...
I have lived in Montana for almost 8 years now. What can I do since this is still in Pending status? Is there any way I can get these charges dismissed after all this time?
It may be possible to get the charges dismissed once they are back on the court docket- with old charges, there is...
My daughter had a designated driver because she had two dui. The police told the driver to get out of the car then pulled my daughter out of the passenger side and told her to take the drunk test. She said no because she wasn't driving and they gave a third dui ticket and made her have a blood test. Their reasoning was that she drove the car there
The answer is yes. If the police believe, based on the totality of the circumstances, that your daughter and the...
To a different state to complete dui classes
Not necessarily. Before you move, ask the judge in California to modify the terms of probation to do the classes...
Undocumented immigrant got pulled over and taken to jail for a DUI and failure to surrender license. He took the breathalizer and blew over the legal limit to operate a vehicle. He doesn't have a valid drivers license either. The police took him to jail and he posted bond to get out. He now has to appear before the judge and will plead guilty. In Montana it is mandatory to serve 24 hours in jail. He is afraid of getting an ICE hold on him and get deported so he doesn't really want to go to court for fear they will take him to jail right away. He has to appear before the 16th of October. Can someone please advise.
He should go to see two lawyers. A DUI lawyer and an immigration lawyer. And then make sure they talk to each other.
I have a hearing scheduled in one month for the revocation of my probation for my failure to take an MIP class. My class is now completed, although I still have $800 in fines to pay off on a 50$ per month payment plan. Does my amount of withstanding fines have any effect on the Judges descision?
It helps to have all payments paid or ready to be paid by court date.
My partner got a 2nd DUI and pleaded guilty received a suspended sentence for days in Jail or an alternative house and loss of Drivers license. When he went in to just do the intake to schedule the days for the alternative house he had a beer and so it showed when they did a Breath test. Now the judge has recinded the suspended sentence. There was no order for no drinking in the sentence. So he called in to the court and found out there will be a warrant issued and he will have to see the judge. What now
Hire an attorney immediately to represent you at court. Your partner should never have had gone in to court alone....