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Arrested in my front yard for being drunk and tearing stuff up with my truck- thought it was my private property - two felonies
A year ago I got really drunk at my house jumped into my truck, in my private drive way,and tore up the lovely yard that the wife likes so much and pushed over my storage shed. Mind you no one was at the house at the time but I was arrested and charged with agrivated DUI , criminal mischief, criminal endangerment. I did all this damage then turned my truck off and waited in my yard for about 2 minutes until the police showed up. My attorney , which my wife use to work for, wasn't much help- got a plea agreement that cancelled the DUI but kept the other two which are felonies. Do you think this was handled properly? I know these small towns make up their own rules as in my case- wife and father-in-law, which I live right across the street from,influenced the police- cant be right?
Attorneys will not second guess other attorneys after the fact because they are in a better position to know your case...
Should I plead no contest to first offense DUI am 18
No criminal record first offense don't remember do it so I can't plead guilty to somethin I don't remember doin..
You should consult with an attorney in your state of Montana. Avvo has many Montana DUI attorneys and many offer free...
Can a officer make you take a blood test?
I was arrested for DUI. The cop physically opened my car door. After I told him that yes I have a medical condition called the lazy eye which effects my balance he forced me to do them. Afterwards I took a breathalyzer of .02 i was arrested. Cop tells me that I need to agree to a blood test or I'd lose my license for year with no chance for a probationary license. License for year with no chance for a probationary license. He then told me that I had to decide without the he then told me that I had to decide without the chance ability to deal legal council. It's not on the tape but told officer of religious reasons that prohibits transfer of bodily fluids. I was ignored leaving me to do blood test cause can't go without license. Can I be l denied talking with a lawyer I was arrested.
McNeely v. Missouri is the case on point for a warrantless, forced blood draw. It is now about two years old. Click...
Would this be illegal search and seizure?
Got arrested for dui. My breath test was .02 the legal limit. Right after I was arrested. My car was still running with the windows down. I told him I needed my house keys and wanted to lock it up. Another officer then went and opened the door to the car and reached inside. The whole time I was saying no I didn't say you could get in there. He told me you ask for us to get your keys I said no I said I need to get my keys. He quickly yells no he said no but the other cop already had gotten inside the car and when he walk back still had my keys in his hand. They wouldn't let me lock up my car telling me we will secure the car its going to be towed. I wasn't parked where it'd be needed towed. I ask whats securing my car mean never getting a answer. Unable to watch what happens with car after.
No, I don't think so. What would you ask the judge to suppress - your keys? Moreover, it would probably be found...
I am curious to find out more about civil laws where it can get a dui dropped due to negligence on the arresting officer.
i was arrested on april 20th for an aggravated dui. its my first one. one of my friends father is a police officer and said that i can get off the charge and get off the scram bracelet because the officer instead of taking me to the hospital due to a sever accident took me straight to jail. there was no ambulance or fire department. just one officer and he arrested me on sight without any question. or question about my well being. was my civil rights violated to the extent of where i can get off the charge?
Talk to an experienced DUI attorney licensed in Montana. It would be a big mistake in CA to focus on this from the...
Can a Fish and Game warden wright a mip a month later
i was caught drinking by a police officer. it sparked a big investigation because of many earlier incidences involving other kids. Last night a Fish and game Warden came and wrote me a MIP.
I am not licensed in Montana, but in California, where I am licensed, there are many offenses that an officer must...
Can I beat a DUI if I wasn't pulled over some one reported a I was drunk while I was parked in front of a store
Can it be dropped if the person doesn't show up to court. The police officer said my truck was started but keys wasn't in my possession or can I plead to a different charge I didn't get pulled over I got also a driving on suspended but I was parked
In most states, the prosecutor can prove a DUI if you are in actual physical control. However, these cases are...