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    Friday Mar 20 | via 

    Silver City Police Department Agents arrested John Case, 64, and Cheryl Case, 56, of Silver City on March 13 for trafficking a controlled substance, possession .. Eight months after contractors pulled out of a renovation of the Fort Bayard National Cemetery, the grounds are still littered with spaces blocked by orange, ..


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  • News Briefs: 7th recreational pot shop to open in Du...

    Wednesday Mar 18 | via KRQE Albuquerque 

    Another recreational marijuana shop has been cleared to open in Durango, but that's not why it's raising eyebrows - it's the location. The Telluride Bud Company will occupy a building where Alcoholics Anonymous is located.


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  • Silver City Police Investigate Death

    Wednesday Mar 18 | via Silver City Sun-News 

    SILVER CITY >> A Silver City man was arrested Monday on an open count of murder in connection with the death of 38-year-old Marcela Perez, who was found beaten and unresponsive in a bathtub at 705 Cielo Azul on Sunday. Rudolfo Aguilar, 30, who lives at the residence, was taken into custody at 6:46 p.m. Monday, according to a news release from the Silver City Police Department.


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  • Silver City Police investigate homicide

    Mar 17, 2015 | via Silver City Sun-News 

    SILVER CITY >> A Silver City man was arrested on an open count of murder in connection with the death of a 38-year old woman who was found apparently beaten and unresponsive in a bathtub at 705 Cielo Azul on Sunday. Rudolfo Aguilar, 30, who resides at the residence, was taken into custody at about 6:46 p.m. on Monday on an open count of murder in connection with the death of 38-year-old Marcela Perez, according to a news release from the SCPD.


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Silver City Law

How can they get away with bringing up old dwi's to extort me out of more money just because of a new law, 7 years later?
My first and ONLY dwi of 35 years of clean driving record, paid and complied with every demand, full compliance to the letter of law. Over 7 years later, a new law in affect, they pull up an old dui, refuse my license and extorting more money from me. Holding my license hostage till I pay up AGAIN!!! Somebody has got to do something about these people and thier stupid laws! I live in a very small rural town in the middle of no where, not much traffic, trying to comply and abide by the rules. look at HUMAN circumstances! Ignition Interlocks, PLEASE! anyone can blow in them to start a vehicle, call it what it is, A SCAM and EXTORTION, I even tried to comply with that, My vehicle is a motorcycle and I am refused ignition lock. Just how far are they allowed to go with my rights, freedom!
Because driving is a prilege, one which you abused, and not a right, they can get away with a lot.
I got a dwi and I went on the run I'll be 18 in December there any chance of me not going to jdc and it getting dropped over 18?
I have 9 referals with the juvenile court and was facing my 2 year commitment and or a youthful I was scared and didn't want to go away that long I was speeding and got pulled over and I blew 0.09 the officer took me to the dwi unit and shortly After Released me to my father and the officer told him the process would have been to long because I was a minor and would have had to been taking to the hospital befor being detained so he said he will file the paper work to the juvenile court the following Monday I want to know what was my options when I turn 18 or older? Please help
Your turning 18 in nine months will not change the fact that the current DUI took place when you were 17. I strongly...
I had one failed rolling retest on my interlock, then passed moments later. Do I need to worry?
First and last DUI. I don't drink anymore. Did all my probation stuff, pass every urine screening. Passed the first one that morning, started the car. Deiced the windshield using a spray which got into my mouth. Started to drive and rolling retest beeped a fail on me. But didn't honk horn or flash lights. Then I passed not a minute later. Compliance officer isn't worried but I am.
I don't think so. The retest was negative. I think you're fine.
Who do I talk to so I can get my license back?
I received a DWI in NM in 2009. I never attended the MVD hearing and my license got revoked. In 2013 my DWI case got dismissed after I completed everything in the courts. From Aug. 2012-September 2013 I completed an interlock. MVD was never notified of my interlock and I never obtained an interlock license. I have all paperwork to prove I had the interlock and the dismissed case. I never knew how the process worked and was never informed on how to take care of it through the MVD. Would I be able to get my license back by myself with all my paperwork, or do I hire a lawyer to handle this for me? I'm sure there has to be a way to get it back through all proof I have without doing the interlock again because it just isn't right for them to do this regardless of what I've taken care of.
I am not licensed in New Mexico (I am licensed in California), but why don't you go to the MVD with all your paperwork...
I have never been drug tested during my supervised probation , can they test me now when I sign papers at court ?
I am done with my supervised probation, did everything I had to do , my probation officer wasn't there the last time I went to court to see her . Now I have to call her Monday and ask about if I still have to sign anything or if I'm off of supervised probation just like this . If I will Come in to sign the papers to get the release from my supervised probation , Can they drug test me still? I haven't been drug tested the whole time , would they do it now that I am actually done ?
They can drug test you anytime you are on probation; supervised or unsupervised. And for some probation officers, it's...
Dwi-1st offender program, Albuquerque,NM. Will my first probation visit include a drug screening
No history of substance abuse/drinking, passed in house screening. No other offenses.
It very well could. If they ask you about illegal drug use, be HONEST. If there is going to be something in your...
Can I get CA license with probation? I have clear license in NM
I applied for CA medical license. I have full medical license in NM. I'm doing my fellowship in UNM. My PD put me on probation for professionalism( communication, tardy ) but the probation has been revoked by our GME. When my program director sent the form to the medical board, she put that I would be put on probation. She also mentioned that I was on performance improvement plan before which I successfully completed. My relation with my PD is not good, I do not want to request her to inform the CA board that my probation has been revoked as she can still put even more dirty things though it has been revoked. Our GME informed NM medical board that I am no more on probation but they would not inform CA medical board. n this situation what should I do as I think probation may affect my licen
I don't know what all the abbreviations are but this is not a DUI question. Perhaps an employment question?