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Will DWI from 8 years ago show up in 5 year abstract in NJ?
Potential employer is going to search my driving record and from what I gather, they can only see 5 years of history in NJ, not my complete history. But I keep seeing that DWI's stay on my record forever. So will they see it?
If they order a 5 year driving history it will show what has happened in the five year period.
4th DUI offense
I have 4 DUI's. I have served jail time for the 3rd and 4th (about 362 days). I have not had a license for a little over two years. Is there anything that I can do to have my license reinstated? For work purposes, and things like that. Like putting a breathalyzer in my car? Like stated, I have paid the jail time, and the fines. Is there anything that I can do?
You would need to check with the drivers license bureau to what options are available to you. If they can't help call a...
Will a dui show up in an fbi back round checks for military service?
I got arrested of 5 duis but only charged with three... Since I've quit drinking and am sober now I want to join the military and my lawyers told me that if they as "do you have a criminal record? " I can honestly answer no, but my question is when they do the back round checks for criminal charges will those duis show up and hinder my enlistment?
If they only check for criminal charges (CCH) they will not find the DWIs if they are from NJ. NJ DWIs are not...
1st offense dwi, pulled over in school crossings, opening container, on a suspended license
1st offense dwi, pulled over in school crossings, opening container, on a suspended license. Officer made me get out of the car do a FST on a bad surface, in 30 degree weather. Told me he feels like I'm too drunk to drive. I get to the police station, blow a .10. Do I have to go to jail? I'm 23 and I feel like my life is ruined now
First of all DWI is not a criminal offense in NJ and does not appear on your criminal history. Most background checks...
Why didn't I just refuse the field sobriety test and how screwed am I?
Driving home from the bar at 430 in the morning. I pull up to a red light and do not see any sign that says no turn on red. Couple minutes later I get pulled over. Officer asked if I had anything to drink tonight, I said a couple. He immediately pulls out a mini breathalyzer and sticks it through the window and makes me blow. Then he made me get out and do a field sobriety test. Behind his car on some cracked up crappy sidewalk. I feel that I passed but he arrested me anyway. I get to the station and blew a .10. This is my first offense. What is going to happen to me?
You're going to be prosecuted for a DUI and for driving with a blood alcohol level of .08% or higher. You will...
How long will it take for my probation officer to notify me of my saliva drug test results.
Days weeks I don't know. how long does it typically take for the PO to get the results back from the lab. I may need to hire a lawyer. A straight forward answer would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
The straight forward answer is who knows? Labs are very busy. However, I'd venture within 60 days. However, if you have...
My husband get DUI in NJ.Can he get a valid driver's in other state before his NJ driver's license will be revoke?
My husband get DUI (2.2) in New Jersey.The court was one time rescheduled.Right now he has a valid driver's license in NJ.Because of his job he has to travel a lot from central to south Jersey. Soon his driver's license will be lost.Is it any chance to get right now a valid driver's license in other state before in New Jersey his dr. License will be revoke or suspended? And if yes,which state allows to do it? Does he can drive in New Jersey with dr.license from other state but in New Jersey his dr.license will be revoke or suspended?
The answer to all your questions is no. THe only way to avoid suspension and to be able to drive in NJ is to avoid...