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I have to go to court for misbehavior and for truancy... I've recently try to start bettering myself because I realized its only going to effect me in the end.. I messed up my freshmen year and they kinda held me back.. but i'm considered half a O9th grader & half a 1Oth grader and the last two years I've Been caught with alcohol on me at school, smoking in the bathrooms,cutting classes and cussing teachers out & throwing a phone at my headmaster... I want to know whats going to happen when i go to court ? & The School also said they'd give me a Probation Officer if I Kept causing trouble
Juvenile court laws vary from state to state so what you really need to do is meet with an attorney who specializes in...
I have 2 dwi's in my past. 1st in 1996 and 2nd in 1997
Most likely yes. If you were convicted of DWI, the convictions will be on your record forever. It just depends on...
I have gone and completed alcohol rehab ,MADD, and 100 hours of community service .I need to return to SC as I cannot find affordable housing in Stamford and other areas of CT. I live alone and want to be freed of the IID device on my car .What are my chances of early termination?
Probably would depend on how long your probation period is and how close you are to the end of that period.
My attorney immediately requested it or subpoena it and was told it was accidentally destroyed and is not available. Is that grounds for a motion to dismiss in Connecticut? Thanks
You should really be asking your attorney this question. They should be in a much better position to answer your...
I was pulled over for crossing the center line of a street. I was asked for my license and registration which I provided. I was asked if I had been drinking that evening because the officer said he smelled alcohol. I said there were people in my car before that I had dropped off that were drinking. He asked where I was coming from and if I had been drinking. I said "I respectfully decline to answer any questions". I started my cell phone video and asked if I was being detained and asked If could be on my way. He asked me to step out of the car and I then respectfully declined to perform any sobriety test. He placed me in handcuffs on suspicion of dui and asked if I would take a breathalyzer. i declined and then again at the station. I was told my license will be revoked. Do I have a case?
Connecticut law requires you to take a breath, blood, or urine test if you are arrested for a DUI. Connecticut’s “...
My friend rent a store in Stamford looking for open a nail/facial/massage business , Store inside decoration is done (having the building permitt ) ,and waiting health department come to inspection , before inspection 1 week ago ,one day one of her business partner bring client doing part time massage by herself in store and she was catched by police and health dep ,And they gave the lady with store owner both tickets for a court ,because they said the store still not get the town's spa license yet and can not doing any business, It needs to get to court.??? Need lawyer help !!!
Use the "Find a Lawyer" tool here on AVVO for an experienced criminal defense attorney. I am in Stamford court...
I have a 6 month suspension in NY with 1 year interlock also have a NY conditional "license". Should I tell CT DMV? Is it worth retaining a lawyer for advice in CT?
New York cannot suspend your ability to drive in other states. It can only suspend your privilege to drive in New York....