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Got arrested for a DUI first time) because I lost consciousness and hit a pole . The cop put me into cuffs and took me straight to jail I told him I didn't feel right EMTS came blood sugar was 59 history of diabetes in family I tested positive for my prescriptions so how is it a DUI
You're entitled to your medical records from the ER. If you are charged with a DUI consult with an attorney in your...
i was found guilty of a dui charge from 9yrs ago. i thought my lawyer had taken care of my case.
You can't be found guilty without going to court. Go to court and see what is in your court file.
I found the lawyer I would like to use for these offenses, but had a financial situation come up. I need to buy some time to get The rest of the cash up.
You should ask your new lawyer this question. He can petition the court for a continuance. Also, ask your attorney if...
Had probation in al and ga. Had ga transferred to al. Failed drug test and al revoked. Ga issued warrant on that day as well that was 2011. Been locked up 4 yrs. Go to ga soon. What will they do? Will ga take this time I've done since it's the same drug test? All fines are paid in ga. What can I expect?
You'd be better served to ask a GA attorney, one local to that jurisdiction, but I can speculate that if you've been...
I'm wondering what to expect at the court house and what my argument would be. I'm currently in school and taking care of my granny so i don't have a job so I'm wondering about fine and weather i will have to keep flying to Alabama to handle this matter. Also I'm on summery probation in California will that affect this case.
I'm assuming you didn't settle your case in city or district Court and your case is now in Circuit Court. The judge...
on juvenile probation for dui and maraujuna and got 2 tickets for failure to stop at a stop sign and speeding. was told by officer that he could not write a minor a ticket for a dui in front of parents and 3 days later he writes him a dui after he talks to probation officer. I was under the assumption that after you had been given the tickets and left the scene that no other tickets could be issued to that person. am I right or can an officer come back later if he decides to and write you additional tickets for whatever he wants to.
Your question contains both procedural and substantive DUI issues. Technically, a misdemeanor warrant can be sworn out...
he was on juvenile probation when this occored, but the officer inform the parent that they could not give him no ticket due to him being a minor. then 3 days later the officer met with probation officer and she had him to write him a ticket for a dui. I was under the assumption that if the ticket was not given at the time of the incident you could not go back and write a ticket later for something that taken place at an earlier time and the parent had been informed that no ticket would be wrote for this.
A ticket can be wrote later, as long as it is still within the statute of limitations.