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Got arrested for a DUI first time) because I lost consciousness and hit a pole . The cop put me into cuffs and took me straight to jail I told him I didn't feel right EMTS came blood sugar was 59 history of diabetes in family I tested positive for my prescriptions so how is it a DUI
You're entitled to your medical records from the ER. If you are charged with a DUI consult with an attorney in your...
i was found guilty of a dui charge from 9yrs ago. i thought my lawyer had taken care of my case.
You can't be found guilty without going to court. Go to court and see what is in your court file.
the first DUI was dropped because I pleaded to minor in possession in a plea deal (and there was no evidence) I blew .03 on this one which is between the .02-.08 allowed for first offense" baby dui " .. I just need to know if it is my first offense and if I can use AL state code 32-5a-191 for this offense. thank you very much, I plan on going to law school and I am terrified this won't allow me to get my law license.
In the first offense, if the court convicted you of "minor in possession" (i.e., minor in consumption) and not DUI,...
alabama is willing to give me my liscense back but jersey will not lift the hold so they said i had to pay a reinstatement fee of 200 dollars i dont know why but i sent this to nj problem is they want me to do somekind of class . they said i could do this in bhm al and ive done these classes numerous times before ive been sober since june 18 2012 alabama is willing to reinstate my liscense but nj will not lift the hold my alabama lawyer said i need a nj lawyers help i also have worked and do work fulltime for the last 2 years and have had no charges in 5yrs i dont drive these classes are the problem where i live getting to the classes would hurt my job and is stupid since ive completed rehab several times . ive changed my life over the last two years i need my license : CAN U HELP ME?
You need to speak to a traffic ticket attorney in NJ that can advise you about how to clear things up with the NJ DMV....
My husband was arrested for DUI in Foley, Baldwin County, by a Sheriff. When I bonded him out he had paperwork telling him to go to Veterans Court. I can't find anything about it online. What can he expect there? Do they follow the same procedures as district court?
Substance abuse program that works through the courts and VA.
I'm on unsupervised probation until Jan 15. Can I get a restricted license in Alabama, where I am moving or do I have to wait till my probation is over?
At present time under Alabama's interlock law, the sentencing court must be an Alabama court in order to obtain a valid...
I am 19 in Alabama, and got a DUI in May. I plead not guilty at my arraignment, and have decided to plea youthful offender. I can't afford a lawyer, so how do I plea YO? Will the judge ask me when I get to court? I blew a 0.03 in the field, and a 0.06 when I got back to the station. Not sure how it went up, but it did. Also- this case is in Alabama.
Ask for a public defender because you don't have any money or at least, call a local criminal defense lawyer for some...