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I was arrested for DUI in California I have a colorado drivers license and did not recive a temporary license call DMV?
This is my first offence first traffic offence since 2004 I'm finding a lot of different feed back on this situation from just doing a Google search can anyone help me? I am planing on hiring a lawyer
Yes, do call the DMV to reserve a hearing here in CA. The DMV will assign your driving privilege at issue an "x number"...
A tourist in America, arrested for DUI. I have a hearing coming up next month, however I am not in the US.
Do I call to postpawn or what are the risks of not attending? I don't want to get an attorney.
If you don't want to get an attorney, the court will issue a bench warrant for your arrest when you do not appear. You...
Would it be beneficial to retain a lawyer while dealing with my suspended driver's license? No DUI's but multiple Driving on S.L
My D.L was suspended about 5 years ago due to unpaid tickets in 3 bay area counties. I take responsibility for my inaction, however the tickets all came about from a DMV error. For a year & a half I was pulled over, almost weekly at one point, because my tags looked bad. Even though I always had all of my information in my car, I was issued a lot of tickets. I tried straightening it out myself, but something else always comes up. One county (San Francisco) requires a lump sum payment & wont let me pay it off. Its now blocking my efforts to find a job. Would having a lawyer help? Can a lawyer help with negotiating with a county for a payment plan? Or help with getting an Occupational DL? I can't seem to find a way to do so alone. Counties are Contra Costa, San Francisco & San Mateo.
Absolutely! Do a search for a local Traffic Ticket lawyer, or a DUI/Criminal lawyer. There is little doubt that a...
What will happen?
if someone had a dui with bodily injury to a child, put on probation and finished it, then got another dui a few days ago what will happen?
You don't give enough details. If the 1st DUI is a felony, which is likely, and the 2nd dui happened a few days after...
Will I get points on my licence for a DUI?
Police came to house after a reported hit and run. I was drinking but parked my car unaware I hit a vehicle on the way home. Police find me asleep in the backseat. I was still drunk at the time even after hours had past. They instruct me to take a balance test and I failed, then I was taken to the station to get blood drawn. My charges were hit and run, and violating my permit because I was 17. So my charges never indicated I was drinking and driving BUT...the DMV suspended my license or chances of me getting my license I really don't know because the department I need to contact doesn't answer. But the court said the DMV suspended my license for an alcohol related issue. Will this stay on my record with the DMV and/or insurance? Even if it happened when I was 17?
A conviction for DUI is worth two points on your license. Hit and run is also worth two points. You ought to sit down...
I was arrested for DWI in North Carolina back in 1994.
Moved out of state and FTA was issued. Recently went to renew California license and a hold from NC for FTA not DWI came up. This has been confirmed by NC Wake Co DMV. What are the chances of being convicted 20 years after being charged with the DWI? Trying to decide best way to resolve this very poor judgement call on my part. Thank you in advance. P
Time for you to start making some calls to a North Carolina attorney. Hiring one is the only way to decided the best...
I want to apply for real estate license in CA. I have 1 battery, 2 dui, and 2 hit and run - all (M), 7 years ago. Possible?
I have a 1 battery, 2 dui, and 2 hit and runs - all misdemeanors and all over 7 years ago and no probation and restitutions have been paid.
Yes, it is definitely possible to apply and achieve licensure in California as a Real Estate salesperson. A broker's...