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Can I sue driver because he was arrested for DUI?
I was in a car accident where the insurance found him partially at fault. He was arrested for a DUI. Can I sue him for additional injuries that I am claiming outside of what the insurance paid?
If you signed a release, then no, you cannot sue him for additional damages. Its also not clear whose insurance you...
I got a DUI that I think was unfair.
There were issues with the field sobriety test.
Then you should hire an attorney to fight the case. Don't forget to contact DMV within 10 days of your arrest to...
Charged with refusing a test on scene but went to hospital and gave blood and toxicology came back negative can I have overturne
Never was asked on scene to take test gave blood at emergency room how is that a refusal
Has the DMV suspended your license based on your "refusal" to submit to a chemical test? The sample collected at the...
What type of lawyer can help me fight a DUI?
This for my friend.
A criminal defense lawyer that handles DUIs or some lawyers handle only DUI cases. Good luck.
My mom got a DUI when she only had one glass of wine.
I know because she was at my house for dinner right before. What can we do?
One glass may be enough to at least arrest someone for a DUI, especially if your mom doesn't weigh a lot. The best...
Got a DUI how do I fight it
You fight a DUI by getting a lawyer. Either one that you pay for or one that the court appoints for you.
I was arrested for DUI in California I have a colorado drivers license and did not recive a temporary license call DMV?
This is my first offence first traffic offence since 2004 I'm finding a lot of different feed back on this situation from just doing a Google search can anyone help me? I am planing on hiring a lawyer
Yes, do call the DMV to reserve a hearing here in CA. The DMV will assign your driving privilege at issue an "x number"...