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i have a case for stchatory rape pending that was brought upon me by my ex-wife and her family that hate me. the case is all hear-say and i have a lawyer working on it looks like the case will be dropped because its clear they set me up and im innocent they said the most that will happen is it get dropped to a misdeeminer and i have to do some time but will not have to register! even if i get it dropped to a misdeminer what are my chances of getting full to 50-50 custody? my ex-wife is telling me she will make sure i never see my son again and as far as he will know his father is dead! she herself has told me she wishes she never had him, and she wants to just die! my dui was a one time thing and i did attend AA.all i want is my son. how do you think this will hold up in court
There are a lot of issues here that cannot be resolved with a simple answer. You will need a good family law attorney...
I got a dui last year and my exwife refuses to let me see my son. i am going to fight for full custody of our 1.5 year old son and i know he would much rather be with me. how much will my dui affect my case?
Ues a DUI criminal record may have and affect upon your chances of getting full custody of your child. To what extent...
I have already done programs for alcohol and been on probation will I go to jail now and for how long
You should be discussing this with your attorney. If you haven't been to court yet, you will find iut what consequences...
I have a DUI from 10 years ago I completed my community service in my probation ended in 3 years I was also informed that I have a driving with a suspended license I am on Social Security with a fixed budget please give me some advice on what are the few things that I can do the fines for the two cases have went to the state California collection agencies please can somebody help me with my problem the DUI and driving with a suspended license was in Riverside California.
Contact your local DUI program provider. They may offer some financial assistance or be able to waive the class fees.
I am on three years probation haven't started the 18 month program to get my license back or paid my fine I was sentence a year ago completed the community service with time served in jail
Go to court. Talk to the judge see if they can work with you. Don't just let it drag on. That will get you in more...
My husband is in jail violated with a felony and has probation and suspension one charge has bail and other dosnt??
Your post is internally confusing. Probation violations are usually no bail status--not elibible for bail.
Husband got truck impounded for 30 days for driving on a susupended license due to a dui 8 months ago. However, the tow company wants to charge it as a dui tow when the day he got towed there was NO dui on record. I called the police department and spoke with a cop who confirmed this. There was only a suspended license ticket on that day. Is this legal for the tow company to charge as a "dui tow"? Need advice
It's likely a clerical error. Contact the tow company and attempt to work it out.