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My husband ha a lifetime suspension in oregon for his 3rd dui can he get a license in any other state in the us?
This is his 3rd dui in a span of 10 years we live in wa but they also suspended him we were told the lifetime suspension is mandatory can we move to a different state to avoid this
I know there are some States that don't have a connection with the State of WA so that he could get a license there...
Dui and imigracion
hi mi name is estefany i have a boyfriend and he has a dui it wad a warrant but because he didny show up to court he got it as dui he got arrested monday but got out 3 hours later now he has court on march but he wasnt born here and his scare he might get deported
Deportation can happen as a result of certain dispositions on DUI/DWI cases. However, the fact that he was not...
If you got arrested for a DWI, and you have no prior tickets. Will you still lose your license?
First DWI and no prior tickets or anything on your record.
It depends if you win the DOL hearing. Having no priors, even speeding or parking tickets, will have almost no affect...
Can i get this dui dropped?
back in 2010 on 5-28 or 5-29 i got a dui it was a friday i bailed out the next day went to court that monday didn't sign any right to a speedy trial away and got put in jail some place else so i told the first court i was in another jail so they set a court date for 9-8-10 or something like that i know the date was set for 7 days after the 90 day right to a speedy trial oh and the other jail was a trible court case so that don't hurt my dui case i think it won't anyway.
I ma not exactly sure what your question is. But, if you are asking whether the case will be dismissed based the...
Got dui in Washington 8 yrs ago moved. Away missed court date I live all way on east coast how do I settle it without goin back
2nd offense-.159 bac -it has been 8years I have not had any dui or other traffic offenses n that time I do not have money to fly all the way back to settle this matter how can I take care of it and put it behind me so can get on with my life as I'm in school for radiology but cannot get internship at hospital as will not pass back round check
You will likely need to go back in order to handle the case. There is likely a warrant out for your arrest, so if you...
I got a marijunna Dui amendmend to w reckless. I have a prior. Is there anyway to avoid a breathalyzer?
Alcohol had nothing to do with it? What sense does it make for me to pay 100 a month when I've not taken a drink in 4 years
It makes no sense but it is required if you want to drive.
I was arrested for a DUI in the state of WA. The charge was dropped and refiled as a neg 1. Will this affect entry to CA?
Date of charge May 2014, Case resolved July 2014 in pretrial.
Entry into Canada or California? Assuming you mean Canada, consulting the US border protection or Canadian border...