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Dui and imigracion
hi mi name is estefany i have a boyfriend and he has a dui it wad a warrant but because he didny show up to court he got it as dui he got arrested monday but got out 3 hours later now he has court on march but he wasnt born here and his scare he might get deported
Deportation can happen as a result of certain dispositions on DUI/DWI cases. However, the fact that he was not...
Statue of limitations for Dui
Driving under influence thirty years ago
If the charge is a gross misdemeanor, there is a 2 year statute of limitations. If you were arraigned, or summonsed...
DUI Different readings, can i get the case dismissed?
Hello, So i was given the Breathalyzer test. If i blew positive well over the limit two times and then a few minutes later blew under the legal limit, is this enough cause to argue that the machine was faulty? It makes no sense for me to blow well over the limit and then a few minutes later blow under the legal limit? How likely is my case able to be dismissed?
You should set up a consultation with a DUI attorney to discuss the specifics of what happened. Was one of these on the...
I was arrested for a dui warrant last night going through customs.
It was from a dui conviction completed 16 years ago through differed prosecution. I completed 2 years of treatment and final court case. I learned today that I was asked to come back for a review in September of 2000 (that was never recieved) and charged with fta. Warrant was issued May 2014. Can they really do this? My understanding was I had done the time for the crime.
FTA just means you didn't appear for your review hearing. You will probably want to consult with an attorney so that...
Summons 90 days after serving being convicted.
I just received a summons for a review/hearing. I pled guilty to a DUI back in November 2014. Since conviction, I have followed all the requirements of my probation (interlock device, valid insurance, staying out of trouble - i.e. no infractions). Now, the only reason I can think that I received the summons was because I had my IIL removed on my leased car.... because the lease is up and it needed to be returned to the dealership. The device was removed on a Saturday and I received the summons 6 days later. I don't think I did anything wrong... my friend even drove the car home after the IIL was uninstalled; they also drove it to the dealership. So did I get a summons because of this removal? If so, can I avoid the hearing and instead talk to a clerk to get this resolved?
That may not be the reason you are being asked to show up in court. There may have been certain items you were...
I had dui in il with my wa cdl license . They reduced that to recless driving and licende was lifted . But wa suspended cdl
We beat the dui suspension in Il. Also dui has been reduced to reckless driving. but wa state susnpended just my commercial license for a year cuz of the police report in IL. I cant request the hearing already cuz 20 day passes from arresting day. So whay i need to do ? Shoul i hire a wa attorney ?
Call around, consultations are free. Most likely, you are out of luck as far as contesting the DOL suspension of your...
Can I hide a bottle of alcohol under my seat to get out of a DUI?
My friend told me to do this if I ever get pulled over for DUI. Hide a bottle of alcohol under my seat. When I pull to the side of the road, throw my keys out the window, open the bottle in front of the officer and start drinking. My friend said if I do this, the police cannot prove I was drinking before I was driving and since I don't have the keys they can't arrest me for a DUI. Is that true?
No. Not true at all. Most likely the officer was following you. If he saw you driving poorly, you will get a DUI. That...