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Dui and imigracion
hi mi name is estefany i have a boyfriend and he has a dui it wad a warrant but because he didny show up to court he got it as dui he got arrested monday but got out 3 hours later now he has court on march but he wasnt born here and his scare he might get deported
Deportation can happen as a result of certain dispositions on DUI/DWI cases. However, the fact that he was not...
If you got arrested for a DWI, and you have no prior tickets. Will you still lose your license?
First DWI and no prior tickets or anything on your record.
It depends if you win the DOL hearing. Having no priors, even speeding or parking tickets, will have almost no affect...
I got a marijunna Dui amendmend to w reckless. I have a prior. Is there anyway to avoid a breathalyzer?
Alcohol had nothing to do with it? What sense does it make for me to pay 100 a month when I've not taken a drink in 4 years
It makes no sense but it is required if you want to drive.
Statue of limitations for Dui
Driving under influence thirty years ago
If the charge is a gross misdemeanor, there is a 2 year statute of limitations. If you were arraigned, or summonsed...
Can you get charged with dui for prescription medication?
I have chronic pain from an auto accident and take medication sometimes so I can work and not be on welfare!
I am not licensed in WA, but in CA, where I am licensed, you certainly can. I am quite certain that WA has similar...
Looking for advice and representation to settle dispute with Interlock Device provider in WA state.
My wife was convicted of a DUI 2 years ago. Last month we took steps to apply for a restricted license by getting SR-22 and installing an IID from Intoxalock. The device is now disabled and I would like to switch providers. Intoxalock will not remove the device without having me pay for a new one. They also have the capability of remotely enabling the device but refuse to since they claim WA state regulations prevent them from doing so. My wife's license is still suspended and she has not driven this car since her conviction. In my view, there is no reason the car cannot be enabled and the device removed without any penalties. What options do I have for getting Intoxalock to cooperate?
There is a magic wand fix here. Who was your wife's attorney? Is that a resource that you can use to help you with...
Got DUI and granted early termination and expungement but it still show on my background check?
i got DUI on 7/2012 and granted early termination and expungement on 12/2014 but it still show on my background check. Company I applied for job requested hirease ( for my background report and they sent me a copy too where i can see my DUI violation. Why I still see that violation after my records are expunged? How it will go away? Please advice....thanks in advance.
There are quite a few facts missing here. You need to go back to the attorney that did the "expungement" and discuss...