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DUI in CA with a BAC over .15 and am licensed in WA state. Will the WA MVD take action, and if so, how?
DUI in CA with a BAC over .15 and am licensed in WA state. Will the WA MVD take action, and if so, how? Trying to determine if i will lose my license (assume I will), for how long, and will they require an IID? I have a lawyer in CA representing me currently. I have not determined if I want to fight or plead guilty until I know more specifics about the outcome. Problem is, no one seems to know....
The answer to your question depends on several factors. If California decides to take action against your license for...
I hit a car when I got a DUI
I disputed the amount of damage to the car I hit and was told when I pled guilty in court there would be a restitution hearing, but I haven't heard from anyone about when this hearing will be. Do I set up the hearing or does the court let me know when it is? Do I need an attorney at the restitution hearing?
Yes, an attorney is a good idea. You should never take on the courts and the prosecutor by yourself. usually your...
DACA renewal and DUI
My renewal date is coming soon, and I got a DUI on march, It was twice the limit and and currently under representation, but no charges yet. What are the chances of denial and should I even bother to send the renewal application ??
There is a pretty fat chance of denial. However, it is not 100%. First, you have not been convicted yet. Second, you...
Letter from DOL states my license is suspended for 30days but also says they're using a 30 day credit. is my license suspended?
I was initially suspended for 90 days following my DUI arrest and have already filed SR-22.
Yes, at least according to what you say. There are sixty days remaining of the suspension.
I was hit while jogging by a drunk driver in a rental car. The man has a history of DUI. With his history can I sue Enterprise?
Driver has history of DUI. What sort of liability does Enterprise have given they rented a car to a man with this history who then proceeds to do it again and then hits and severely injures someone else?
Possibly you can. Make an appointment to see a good personal injury lawyer right away.
How to ensure I can enter Canada with Vacated Negligent Driving 1?
I entered a plea on the Charge of Negligent Driving 1 in January 2007. All fees were paid and probation completed by January 2009. This year (2015) I was granted a motion to vacate this charge and so the charge now states not guilty. Based on my research there is no clear answer as to if this would allow me to visit Canada for Vacation. I know that over 5 years have passed so I could be eligible to apply for rehabilitation, however, I am planning to visit Canada this coming June for the 2015 Women's World Cup. So it seems I don't have the time for the rehabilitation to be processed (as I read it could take 6 months to over a year to be approved). Any advice to how I should proceed to ensure I won't be denied entry? Thanks
Hire a Canadian Immigration attorney. I like McCrea and Associates in Vancouver, WA.
Can I get my DUI expunged?
I had a DUI in Washington state in 2000 with no additional legal problems. Can I get my DUI expunged and be able to travel to canada and other countries?
You cannot vacate a DUI or a lesser offense that was originally charged as a DUI (e.g. reckless driving, negligent...