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Have received traffic violations in both Colorado and Washington State.
.001 +/- .0005 the mean of two standard deviations of the cost of a cab. Since can prices float = to DUI's it's...
Part of my probation requires I get an ignition interlock device but there was no time frame stated and the DOL website says my license is still valid.
There are different time frames for suspension and requirements for the ignition interlock so it is imperative that you...
I have multiple dui convictions in FL from 1990-1993 resulting in permanent revocation . I have had a DL in MN since 2004.This was acquired using the driver license compact and going to court. I would like to do the same in WA. Who can help?
The DOL can help. DOL should always be your first point of contact. Only if DOL denies your license should you consider...
I was invited to an after party by my boss w/ a few colleagues & friends. When I arrived I realized there were 3 girls that weren't at the original celebration. I recognized 1 of them. My boss was pouring drinks & giving shots to everyone. Eventually, the other girls started getting into the hot tub in their underwear & my co-worker, boss & another gentleman joined them. Things were getting awkward, so I left with my friends. I realized later that the girl I recognized was a freshmen in college (so were her friends) & she used to be an intern for our non-profit the summer prior when she graduated from high school (the school my boss & the other 2 guys in the hot tub coached at). Her mom is also a supporter/donor of our non-profit & the Assistant Chief of Police. Do I report this?
Yes. There is south inappropriateness here that it goes beyond inappropriate to immoral, unethical and criminal.
I got a dui in Dec 2013. I came to Seattle to visit and got in trouble! I have been here working and staying on a friend's couch since. Want to go back to AZ for a few months then move to CO in the spring and get a job with the 's hospital in Denver. I have a place to live in both states. From what I've read people with larger offenses can move around the country at will but unsupervised people are held hostage! Please advise, thank you
I will tell you first off that as an attorney, I would be reluctant to answer your question on this web site about...
My license is suspended till Nov 2014 and ordered to only drive a vehicle with IID till NOV 2015 by the DMV and not the court. Is there anyway i can fight the one year IID rule ? . Can i wait a period of one year and not install a IID since its not court mandated ?
Your license will be suspended here as long as it's suspended in Kansas.
Pulled over and cited over speeding 83mph on a 60 zone. Actual speed was 68mph (cruise control activated. So I am sure). Asked to do a FST initial breath test at the field was 0.088. car towed and I was taken to the precinct for chemical test and blew 0.61 in first test and 0.72 for second blow a couple of minutes later. Officer gave me a citation for 23mph over speeding and DUI. Released immediately and the officer advised me to request for hearing.
The best way to fight DUI charges is to hire a DUI attorney, immediately. Most attorneys offer a free consultation. You...