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  • Detectives with Des Moines PD rescue child rape susp...

    Tuesday May 19 | via The Highline Times 

    Two detectives reacted quickly enough to save the life of a child rape and molestation suspect when they found him attempting to commit suicide on May 7. The day before, Det. Fred Gendreau was assigned to handle a report of child rape and molestation out of SeaTac committed by 74-year-old Roy Lee Lesner on his granddaughter.


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  • Wash. deputy fired after passing out in boat, leavin...

    Saturday May 16 | via KBCI CBS 2 

    A King County sheriff's deputy has been fired after he reportedly passed out drunk while boating in the Tacoma Narrows and left his gun behind on the dock, where it was found by teenagers. Deputy Christopher Dearth, assigned to the SeaTac Police Department, was terminated May 1, according to personnel records provided to The Associated Press under a Public Records Act request.


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  • Judge Throws Out Disorderly Conduct Case Against Ksh...

    Wednesday May 6 | via Truthdig 

    A SeaTac city judge abruptly dismissed disorderly conduct charges against Seattle City Councilwoman Kshama Sawant and two other defendants Friday, saying police - not protesters - blocked traffic during a demonstration over wages. The defense didn't need to call witnesses and the jury didn't deliberate because Judge Ann Danieli terminated the trial moments after prosecutors rested their case.


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  • Disorderly Conduct case dismissed against Seattle Co...

    Friday May 1 | via Highline Times 

    The disorderly conduct charges facing Seattle Councilmember Kshama Sawant, Pastor John Helmiere, and Socrates Bravo were dismissed by Judge Ann E. Danieli in SeaTac this morning. Applause and jubilation filled the courtroom as supporters and families of the accused celebrated the dismissal.


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  • Judge dismisses charges against Seattle Councilwoman...

    Friday May 1 | via Seattle Post-Intelligencer 

    A judge on Friday dismissed disorderly conduct charges against Seattle City Councilwoman Kshama Sawant and two other activists stemming from their arrest at a minimum wage protest last November. SeaTac Municipal Court Judge Ann Danieli said that while the defendants were charged with blocking traffic, the evidence showed it was the police who blocked it, The Seattle Times reported .


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  • Councilwoman, 2 activists tried for disorderly conduct

    Thursday Apr 30 | via KXLY-TV Spokane 

    A Seattle city councilwoman and two other activists are on trial in the city of SeaTac on Thursday for disorderly conduct charges connected with a November minimum wage protest outside Alaska Airlines headquarters. Kshama Sawant and three others were arrested Nov. 19 during a demonstration that called for Seattle-Tacoma International Airport workers to be paid at least $15 an hour.


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  • Robert Studer pleads 'Not Guilty' to murdering nephe...

    Apr 21, 2015 | via The SeaTac Blog 

    Arraignment was held Tuesday for Robert L. Studer, charged with Murder in the First Degree for the fatal shooting of his 42-year-old nephew in SeaTac on March 26. He allegedly shot his nephew, James Studer, at the victim's wood crate manufacturing business, according to the King County Prosecutor's Office . After the murder, Studer fled to California.


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SeaTac Law

What is deferred prosecution?
Got arrested for my 2nd dui on May 2009, i went to alcohol/drug assessment on June 5th and made a committment to go counseling, eventhough i don't have the court date is it okay for me to go ahead and do the treatment. Also my license will be suspended on July, i'm in a process of purchasing the SR22 Insurance coverage thru Progressive. What else should i do
DUI litigation is essentially fought in two battlegrounds: (1) license suspension proceedings brought by the Department...
DUI in CA with a BAC over .15 and am licensed in WA state. Will the WA MVD take action, and if so, how?
DUI in CA with a BAC over .15 and am licensed in WA state. Will the WA MVD take action, and if so, how? Trying to determine if i will lose my license (assume I will), for how long, and will they require an IID? I have a lawyer in CA representing me currently. I have not determined if I want to fight or plead guilty until I know more specifics about the outcome. Problem is, no one seems to know....
The answer to your question depends on several factors. If California decides to take action against your license for...
I had the DUI deferred prosecution revoked, and was given 51 days In jail pending. Can I appeal and get less or no jail?
Is my second DUI . on the second DUI I enter on deferred prosecution. On my 3 1/2 year I got a ticket for driving without license and no ignition interlock. The court gave me 15 days house arrest and being able to leave only for work. My deferred prosecution case was not revoked. Then the following year I got pulled over again & didn't have drivers license, insurance and ignition interlock. I was able to get license back & insurance and ignition interlock installed the following week. I paid outstanding fines. Everything in place before court appearance. This time the court revoked my deferred case. I have to serve 51 days in jail soon & do 5yrs of probation again. I can appeal within 30 days. My wife is in disability on wheelchair & depends on me. Can I avoid jail or get a better deal?
If you have a reason not to do the jail time at this time that the Judge will listen to and accept then use it but in...
I hit a car when I got a DUI
I disputed the amount of damage to the car I hit and was told when I pled guilty in court there would be a restitution hearing, but I haven't heard from anyone about when this hearing will be. Do I set up the hearing or does the court let me know when it is? Do I need an attorney at the restitution hearing?
Yes, an attorney is a good idea. You should never take on the courts and the prosecutor by yourself. usually your...
DACA renewal and DUI
My renewal date is coming soon, and I got a DUI on march, It was twice the limit and and currently under representation, but no charges yet. What are the chances of denial and should I even bother to send the renewal application ??
There is a pretty fat chance of denial. However, it is not 100%. First, you have not been convicted yet. Second, you...
Unusual suspension circumstances
I received a DUI-ARD in PA. I live in WA state. Both are compact states. Per my WA lawyer, the WA DMV is passive; they don't check the database until you renew your license. This is where the plot thickens. I'm moving to PA (in fact, I've delayed that move because of my suspension there). There's a 60 day window between when my PA suspension is up and when my WA license expires. If I legitimately establish residency in PA in that span, having already served my PA suspension, can I realistically expect to be able to surrender my WA license and get a PA license? Or will the WA penalty follow me to PA, even though I've already been punished there?
Your question involves mostly what you can accomplish under PA law, so your question is best directed to PA attorneys.
Letter from DOL states my license is suspended for 30days but also says they're using a 30 day credit. is my license suspended?
I was initially suspended for 90 days following my DUI arrest and have already filed SR-22.
Yes, at least according to what you say. There are sixty days remaining of the suspension.