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What is deferred prosecution?
Got arrested for my 2nd dui on May 2009, i went to alcohol/drug assessment on June 5th and made a committment to go counseling, eventhough i don't have the court date is it okay for me to go ahead and do the treatment. Also my license will be suspended on July, i'm in a process of purchasing the SR22 Insurance coverage thru Progressive. What else should i do
DUI litigation is essentially fought in two battlegrounds: (1) license suspension proceedings brought by the Department...
Alleged DUI Feb 1st, 2015. May 1st, 2015 and I still haven't heard anything.
Hello. I was involved in a single vehicle accident on February 1st of this year. I rolled my lifted grand cherokee and hit a PSE pole. I was taken to the hospital where officers arrested me and took me to Kirkland PD to book me. I was released that same night, not given any paperwork and took a taxi home. No punched license. I still sent in a DOL request on the 20th day after, even though I was not given a hearing request from the PD. It has since been returned to me, stating it was returned "4INSUF DOC". Only charges I have received in the mail are for improper lane travel, and operating a motor vehicle without insurance (I didn't want to retrieve my insurance from my inverted car). I have no arraignment date. I blew a .113 and a .110 as per the police report. I am 19 years old.
Sounds like your prosecutor's office is handling the filing of criminal offenses in your County and they will get to it...
DACA renewal and DUI
My renewal date is coming soon, and I got a DUI on march, It was twice the limit and and currently under representation, but no charges yet. What are the chances of denial and should I even bother to send the renewal application ??
There is a pretty fat chance of denial. However, it is not 100%. First, you have not been convicted yet. Second, you...
How to ensure I can enter Canada with Vacated Negligent Driving 1?
I entered a plea on the Charge of Negligent Driving 1 in January 2007. All fees were paid and probation completed by January 2009. This year (2015) I was granted a motion to vacate this charge and so the charge now states not guilty. Based on my research there is no clear answer as to if this would allow me to visit Canada for Vacation. I know that over 5 years have passed so I could be eligible to apply for rehabilitation, however, I am planning to visit Canada this coming June for the 2015 Women's World Cup. So it seems I don't have the time for the rehabilitation to be processed (as I read it could take 6 months to over a year to be approved). Any advice to how I should proceed to ensure I won't be denied entry? Thanks
Hire a Canadian Immigration attorney. I like McCrea and Associates in Vancouver, WA.
Ignition interlock required even after the one year requirement?
I was convicted of a DUI in June 2013 and one of the requirements was that if I wanted my license back I'd have to have an ignition Interlock device in my car for 1 year. I decided to wait the year out and reinstate my license afterwards. I even called the dol at the time asking if I could just wait it out and then reinstate my license without getting an IID after a year and they said yes. I went to go check on my reinstatement earlier this week and it said the only thing I needed to do was to pay the license reinstatement fees and submit some forms which I promptly did. But today I called and they said that even though I have satisfied those requirements I also have to have an IID for 4 months. I was never told of this requirement ever. Is this right and is there anything I can do?
It is right and there is nothing you can do. Get the interlock on and over with and never drink again in the end it...
What options to enter Canada with DUI? Heard have to wait for 10 years to get and file a governor's pardon document?
Went through the DUI class, paid all fines/fees. 3yr. probation was due this month April. Permanent resident card. Reside in Washington state. Can't get US Citizenship due to the DUI.
You can apply for a temporary visa with the consulate.
Can I get my DUI expunged?
I had a DUI in Washington state in 2000 with no additional legal problems. Can I get my DUI expunged and be able to travel to canada and other countries?
You cannot vacate a DUI or a lesser offense that was originally charged as a DUI (e.g. reckless driving, negligent...