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The DUI was in another state altogether. I want to apply for a better job with better pay but I want to know whether this is going to affect my chances. If I am wasting my time, I won't even bother. It's the only ding on my entire record for my entire life and I'm in my mid-forties.
There is no way to predict what your employer's policy is and I think it is always good to try
I have very recently been arrested for suspicion of a dui. I have never had any trouble with the law previously. However, I live and take care of my elderly parents, to which one is dying from terminal cancer. Although I work full time, My income goes to many different bills. Is their any way I can obtain a defense attorney at a low rate in my area?
If you cannot afford a private attorney, apply to the public defenders office in the county in which you were arrested....
DUI I..Loss of Driving Privilage, No Money to pay fines and court costs, no job, no savings. Possibly homeless. Un able to work due to the dui... What happens to the defendent?
There is no set answer for this. Each case is different and always has different options, no matter how dismal things...
I have never been previously arrested before this. I was wondering if there's any way that an attorney can prevent me from loss of licence exceding thirty days as it is my only means of traveling to and from my job?
You haven't provided sufficient facts upon which to base an answer to your question. If your BAC is under .10% there...
1St offense DUI currently on parole has 18 month left of parole can i get ard? What happens to parole? can i get my charge changed to a summary offense???
ARD is a first time offenders program run by each individual DA's office. Typically a person who had a criminal record...
Residing in one area and having the issue in another county..Who determines the amount of community service and if I can do it as well as driving school in my resident county? Given a CRN, I cant even begin any of this until when?
The County where you had the DUI will determine what you need to do to successfully complete the ARD program. I had a...
In the event that I have applied for ARD for Dui and have doubts about completing it, costs and attempting to pay for probabation. In essence I have no money..What is the best thing to do at this point?
Take a loan but do not stiff the court order. That will be bigger more expensive trouble for you