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If someone gets arrested for a Highest Tier DUI (combination of legally prescribed drugs and alochol) in one PA county and then within 48 hrs gets arrested for a Highest Tier DUI (alcohol only) in a different PA county would they still be eligible for ARD in either or both countries if they have no prior record? Would one county D.A. and Court be able to transfer jurisdiction over on the DUI to another county (if they county were willing to accept it) to be combined for an ARD, or is such transfer outside the couty of the offest to another county even legally possible? If not, would one be considered a 1st offense and the second be considered for sentencing purposes.
I'm not sure what Scranton Pennsylvania courts do, but in New York, they would certainly be considered two separate and...
PennDot is attempting to suspend my license for an underage drinking offense that was dismissed back in 2004. I just received the license suspension notice today. The magistrate that dismissed the under age charge advised me that my license should not be suspended because the case was dismissed. What can I do here?
More information is needed such as whether you were found not guilty, was the case dismissed because officer did not...
I received a DUI in August 2012. It was a first offense and I was accepted into the ARD program. I successfully completed the ARD program and the charges were expunged from my criminal records. My question is if the DUI charges are still on my driving record. The primary concern is if my auto insurance company checks will it still be there and if I were to take a trip would I be able to rent a car. Any advice or information would be greatly appreciated.
Ask the Pennsylvania DMV for a copy of your driving record. You may even be able to check it online.
Dui RX..Controlled substance. How does it show up? How do I explain it in terms of my future & employment opportunities..1st time offense.
There is little difference between intoxication from the effects of alcohol and being under the influence of a drug or...
I got into a car crash. I was arrested for dui and charged with the highest rate of alcohol. I took field sobriety tests and thought i passed the tests, got arrested anyway and the cop said i was over the legal limit. If its a crash is there any hope to fight it?
I strongly encourage you to quit fooling around seeking opinions on the internet. Consult immediately and...
Is a DUI a traffic offense or criminal offense in New Jersey? IF so is it a traffic mistamenor? or criminal Mistamenor? Or Neither?
DWI in New Jersey is classified as a traffic offense. The correct term is misdemeanor.
ARD entry program and hearing is in another part of the state. There is no option in terms of a driver or public transportation. Given that, if you still have a lisence, Could you drive and ask permission to surrender the lisence when you get home?
You can ask but the judge may not allow it. Most counties require you to turn in your license at the ARD hearing. You...